The woman falls asleep on the railroad tracks and escapes injury when the train stops screaming

A woman in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan, barely escaped a serious injury after falling asleep between a series of railroad tracks.

Alex Paul, Deputy Fire Commissioner, said there was a matter of a few inches between the bottom of the train’s engine and the woman when the train stopped suddenly on Thursday morning.

“The train came in and at the last minute noticed it was a man on the railroad track and they put an emergency brake on it,” Paul said. “The locomotive stopped a little above the person’s head, so there was no actual contact.”

Paul said the fire brigade could free the woman from under the train and she was taken to the hospital with only minor injuries.

He said it could have been fatal if the train went farther.

The tracks are privately owned and there are no signs of trespassing, but Paul said it is still common for people to pass through the depot.

“It’s never safe to walk near the tracks,” he said. “I don’t know where the train will come, so there are multiple tracks.”

The track is operated by the Carlton Trail Railroad.

The Transportation Safety Board of Canada states that 39 intruders died in 2020. (CTV Saskatoon)

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