The woman said she was “harassed” and was removed from Alaska Airlines flights in her clothes


Alaska Airlines Boeing 737 Max

Alaska Airlines Boeing 737 Max. Alaska Airlines

  • Ray Lynn Howard claimed at TikTok that she wore her clothes and started a flight on Alaska Airlines.

  • She said she was asked by a flight attendant to change her shirt and responded.

  • Howard claimed that she was approached three times separately by the staff.

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The woman claimed she was “harassed” and began her Alaska Airlines flight in her clothes.

A musician known as Raylin Howard, Fat trophy wife, Uploaded a video that has been played over 1.3 million times to her TikTok account.

In the video captionHoward claimed that Alaska Airlines flight attendants had “harassed and called the airport police” for wearing “inappropriate clothing.”

The footage shows Howard being escorted from the plane before sitting with the authorities to elaborate on the case.

“I was harassed about my outfit,” Howard clearly told police officers in a video. She claims she was approached by staff because she wore a gray top showing her stomach. Howard seems to tell the officer that she wore a different shirt when the staff first asked her.

“And they approached me again,” Howard says in the video. “I’m hungry and I can’t wear it because it’s inappropriate.”

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Howard claimed that the flight staff approached her in three installments, and the third time, “If you intend to kick me, kick me. I will do what you asked me to do. bottom. “”

Police officers can be heard pointing out Alaska Airlines’ dressing policy, although Howard has no criminal issues.

According to Alaska Airlines WebsiteThe airline dress code says, “It’s casual and the requirement is simply a neat and well-groomed look. Dirty, tattered, barefoot clothing is never acceptable. You can expect to make the right decisions. , Customer service agents have the ultimate authority to refuse travel due to improper dress or appearance. ”

Howard later shared a second TikTok video showing what he wore during the flight.

NS The third TikTok video has been uploaded In her account, she claimed that Alaska Airlines had contacted her about the flight. Howard said he refunded the amount of the three seats purchased by the airline and provided a discount code to use for future purchases.

Howard and Alaska Airlines representatives did not immediately respond to insider comment requests.

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