The woman says she was fired as Greg Abbott’s campaign canceler after the video showed her laugh when the man said he wouldn’t vote for him.

Governor of Texas Greg Abbott attended a press conference and signed Senate Bills 2 and 3 at the Capitol in Austin, Texas on June 8, 2021. Governor Abbott has signed a bill to reform the Texas Electric Reliability Council and improve the reliability of the state's power grid. The bill will be signed months after the tragic winter storm in February, which caused widespread power outages and killed dozens of Texas people.

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  • After telling the man that he was volunteering for Governor Abbott, the woman was filmed laughing and he said he wouldn’t vote for him.

  • Monique Dawson said she was fired after the viral video.

  • Abbott’s team said she wasn’t working for them. Dawson said she worked for a campaign contractor.

A woman said she was fired as a canvas sir for Greg Abbott’s campaign after being filmed with a laugh when an approaching man said she wouldn’t vote for the Governor of Texas.

Monique Dawson was filmed with a doorbell camera approaching the house and told the man who answered the door, “I am volunteering for Greg Abbott. I wanted to know if he could count on your support in the next election. It was. “

The man, later identified as Dr. James Whitfield, replied, “Never.”

Dawson then laughed and said, “Everyone has to work” before leaving.

Whitfield shared the video footage last Friday. It has been viewed more than 3 million times as of Wednesday morning. Look at it here:

Dawson Reacted “Just looking at his face was pure entertainment. I couldn’t stop laughing to save my life and they fired me,” he said in a Twitter video on Saturday.

Abbott’s office denied that Dawson worked for them, Parents: “This individual has never been hired by a Texasman or volunteered for a campaign for Greg Abbott.”

Dawson told Texas publication D Magazine She was hired by a company called Arizona Grassroots, which had been contracted to work for Abbott’s campaign. “We reviewed direct deposit information and text exchanges detailing her allocations on behalf of the Abbott campaign,” D Magazine said.

It’s not clear if Abbott said he was fired by the grassroots of Arizona, Abbott’s team, or another group. Insiders were unable to contact Abbott’s office before working hours.

In a tweet on Saturday, Dawson also shared a link to her GoFundMe campaign after the video. The campaign won $ 28,562 as of Wednesday morning.

“As a result of this video being posted, I was fired from work. If I could afford $ 1 or $ 2, I would replace what I earned as a campaigner. There is an invoice deadline, and others. “Income other than this job,” she wrote on the campaign page.

She didn’t say what she did or what was paid for Abbott’s campaign. Mr. Dawson was also told to say at the door that he was a “volunteer” rather than being hired by the campaign, she said.

Dawson told D Magazine that she wasn’t aware of the video at first and “did not know about it until I was told at work.”

“At first I didn’t know if they would fire me,” she said. “About five minutes later, they came back and said,’Yes, we will have to let go of you.'”

She has now said she has applied for a job with the Texas Democratic Party.

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