The world’s “much more complex and dangerous” than in the last 30 years: Secretary of Defense


The Western security outlook is “much more complex and dangerous” than at any point in the last three decades, the new Secretary of Defense of the United Kingdom warns.

Admiral Tony Radakin, who replaced General Nick Carter as chief of British defense staff on November 30, said Russia was a threat to Western values ​​and interests, and China “challenge the international code of conduct.” I have. “

In a speech to the Royal United Services Institute on Tuesday, Radakin said, “Our security outlook is at what point in the last 30 years,” while the world is “definitely prosperous” today than it was when the Cold War ended. Much more complicated and dangerous than a year. “

The Secretary of Defense said: “Russia’s actions are a threat to our values ​​and interests. Iran could soon join North Korea and pose a threat of nuclear ballistic missiles to Britain and its allies. West Balkan instability again It is increasing rapidly. “

Mr Radakin added that the Chinese Communist Party administration “is challenging international codes of conduct such as freedom of navigation, economic threats and wolf warrior diplomacy.”

He suggested that NATO’s chaotic withdrawal from Afghanistan further complicates the situation.

In response to this situation, Radakin confirmed the need for a UK government integrated review of foreign and defense policy to modernize all aspects of the military and “deter and defend country-based enemies.” He said he did.

He said the military needed “more deployable and more deployed” personnel and equipment, whether domestic or international.

“Our army needs to go out into the world to support, continuously deter and form Britain’s interests,” he said.

The Secretary of Defense is a world that “shares our interests and values,” including NATO, the Five Eyes, and the newly established AUKUS alliance between the United States and Australia to counter the effects of the Chinese administration. We welcomed Britain’s global alliance with the countries of China. Indo-Pacific region.

55-year-old Radakin was the First Lord of the Admiral and the Chief of the Navy before assuming his current position.

His operational services, which went into service in 1990, include the Iran-Iraq Tanker War, security missions in Folkland, counter smuggling in Hong Kong and the Caribbean, and three command tours in Iraq.

His responsibilities as Chief of Defense Staff include leading and setting strategies for defense, and conducting operations and maintaining relationships with other military leaders.

PA contributed to this report.

Alexander Chan