The younger sister of a man who died of COVID-19 after calling the vaccine “poison” wants people to be shot in the memory of her brother

Synthetic image of Lisa Adler and COVID-19 vaccine

Lisa Adler wants people to shoot COVID-19 into the memory of her dead brother. 4WWL, Getty Images

  • A man who thought the vaccine was “poisonous” died of COVID-19, Raw Story reported.

  • According to 4WWL TV, he was hospitalized on a ventilator for 17 days before his final death on June 9.

  • His sister, who initially hated vaccines, is now urging people to shoot her brother’s memory.

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A Texas man who thought the vaccine was “poisonous” died of COVID-19 after being hospitalized on a ventilator for 17 days.

Alan Scotlanova, the father of three boys from Katie, Texas, was too afraid to get the coronavirus and believed she had some immunity after being exposed to the virus at work. 4WWL TV.

According to local broadcasters, the 54-year-old boy tested positive in late May, became very ill with COVID-19, and eventually died on June 9.

His sister, Lisa Adler, is now urging others “on the fence” to be vaccinated to be shot in the memory of her brother, she told a local broadcaster. ..

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“It’s hard to believe that one decision can change your entire life,” Adler said. “He thought the vaccine was poisonous, and he was afraid to get it, and there are many people who have the same feelings.”

Adler said she was also hesitant to vaccinate at first, but after her brother died, she advised others to vaccinate. Lifesaving shot..

“I was afraid to get it myself, but you have to worry about what the consequences will be,” Adler told 4WWLTV. “He was a wonderful person. I would recommend anyone if they are at stake about vaccination in my brother’s memory.”

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