The zoo tiger screamed and shot while biting the man’s arm


Naples, Florida (AP) — Body camera footage released by authorities shows a man screaming in pain and asking for help just before a deputy sheriff shoots a Malayan tiger holding a man’s arm at a zoo in Florida. Was showing.

The Collier County Sheriff’s Office The man said he was seriously injured when he entered an unauthorized location near the tiger enclosure at the Naples Zoo in the Caribbean Gardens on Wednesday night. Later, an 8-year-old tiger named Eco died.

According to the sheriff’s office and the zoo, the man was engaged in a third-party cleaning service that undertook the cleaning of toilets and gift shops. He was hospitalized and his condition was not available on Friday.

A body camera video released by the sheriff’s office on Thursday appeared to show that the tiger’s jaw was wrapped between the hand and elbow of a man’s arm. ..

“Please, please help, please,” exclaimed the man almost in the meantime. 9-minute phone call with the sheriff’s office dispatcher.. The coordinator mistakes the man’s scream for a woman and hears him calling him mom on the phone.

The man could watch a video of his feet in the air, his shoulders on the soil, and his body pressed against the enclosure.

A Zoo statement After the facility closed Wednesadi to the public, the 26-year-old Rosenquist River said it jumped over a public barrier fence into an unauthorized area in front of the tiger habitat.

“It is believed that he was trying to feed and stroke the tiger until it passed through the fence and was able to reach him and pull his arm into the enclosure. “We are,” the statement said, and the adjutant rushed to the scene.

“After the lieutenant first tried to get the tiger to release his arm, he had no choice but to shoot the animal to save the life of the young man. The tiger was confirmed dead by a veterinarian at the Naples Zoo. It was done, “added the statement.

According to the sheriff’s office, the tiger was retreating into the enclosure after being shot.

The Malayan tiger According to Malaysian wildlife, it is one of the smallest tiger species found in the southern and central parts of the Malay Peninsula and in southern Thailand. It is a national symbol of Malaysia.

In 2016, Malayan tiger attacks and kills the zookeeper At Palm Beach Zoo. Autopsy revealed that Stacey Conweiser, 38, died of a broken spine, a laceration in the neck, and other neck injuries when attacked by a 12-year-old tiger, Hati.