Theophilus London Family File Missing Person Report

LOS ANGELES (AP) — The family of rapper Theophilus London filed a missing persons report with the Los Angeles Police Department this week, saying he has been missing for months and is seeking help from the public. increase.

Family and friends in London believe that someone last spoke with the musician in Los Angeles in July, according to a family statement released Wednesday by London-affiliated music label group Secretly.

Relatives in London have been trying to determine his whereabouts for several weeks and filed a report with police earlier this week, according to a statement.

LAPD spokesperson Officer Annie Moran confirmed Wednesday that a report had been made to London. family lost all contact with him.

“Theo, your dad loves you,” his father, Larry Moses London, said in a family statement. And all your friends and relatives are looking for you. Send a signal wherever you are. I’ll come pick up your son no matter what. ”

London posted a lot on Instagram, but his last post was also in July.

London, 35, was born in Trinidad and Tobago and raised in Brooklyn, New York.He 2016 Grammy Award for Best Rap Performance Spotted alongside Paul McCartney in Kanye West’s ‘All Day’.

London has frequently collaborated with the artist now known as Ye, who produced and guest starred on 2014’s “Vibes.” London often posts updates on Yeh’s “Donda” and “Donda 2” on Instagram, and even said in February that she was “promoted to work on media duties” on behalf of Yeh.

London himself has released three studio albums: 2011’s ‘Timez Are Weird These Days’, ‘Vibes’ and 2020’s ‘Bebey’. He was recently a featured artist on his September release of Young His Franco’s ‘Get Your Money’.

“Vibes” was released on Warner Records, while “Bebey” was released on her own London label, My Bebey Records.

“I wanted to see what the feeling of family is, the feeling of owning a piece of land and building a house on your land instead of spending the rest of your life sleeping in a hotel.” he said complex Independent in 2020.