There are no aliens, but government transparency and a desire for better data may bring science to the UFO world.

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The new Pentagon report describes 144 sightings of unidentified aerial phenomena. U.S. Navy

On June 25, 2021, the Pentagon released the long-awaited release. Report to Congress on UFOs.. The military has rebranded unidentified flying objects as unidentified flying objects (UAPs). This is to avoid the stigma attached to the allegations of aliens visiting Earth. 1947 Roswell Incident.. The report does not provide compelling evidence that an alien spacecraft was found, but some of the data goes against simple interpretation.

I Professor of astronomy Who wrote extensively in Find life In space.I also teach Free online class on astrobiology.. I don’t think reports of the new Pentagon or other sightings of UFOs in the past are evidence of aliens visiting Earth. However, this report is important because it opens the door for serious consideration of UFOs. Specifically, we are encouraging the US government to collect better data on UFOs, and I think the release of the report will increase the likelihood that scientists will try to interpret that data. Historically, UFOs have felt off limits to mainstream science, but perhaps nothing more.

What’s in the UFO report?

The main focus of the report is the lack of high quality data.Here are the highlights from Slender 9-page reportCovers a total of 144 UAP sightings from US government sources between 2004 and 2021.

  • “Limited data and inconsistent reports are important challenges in assessing UAP.”

  • Some observations “may be the result of sensor error, spoofing, or the observer’s misunderstanding.”

  • “UAP clearly raises flight safety issues and could pose a challenge to US national security.”

  • Of the 144 sightings, the MTF said, “We were able to reliably identify one reported UAP. In that case, we identified the object as a large contraction balloon. Others have been described. It remains absent. “

  • “Some UAPs are often technologies deployed by China, Russia, other countries, or non-governmental agencies.”

It appears at the top of the front page of the US Government logo and

The front page of the report has the US Government logo and “Uncategorized” at the top.

UFOs are taboo among scientists

UFO means unidentified flying object. No more, no less. Scientists will find themselves enjoying the challenge of solving this puzzle. Instead, UFOs are taboo for academic scientists to investigate, so unexplained reports have not undergone their scrutiny.

One reason is that most scientists Less in most reports than visible, And most of the few who dug deep Uncover the phenomenon.. More than half of the sightings may be the cause Meteors, fireballs, and the planet Venus.

Another reason for scientific hesitation is that UFOs have been adopted by popular culture. They are part of a conspiracy theory landscape, including the following explanations. Alien abduction And Crop circle.. Scientists are worried about their professional reputation, and most researchers avoid this topic due to the link between UFOs and these supernatural stories.

But some scientists have seen. In 1968, Edward U. Condon of the University of Colorado First major academic study of UFO sightings.. The Condon Report put a damper on further investigation when it became clear that:Nothing has come from UFO research over the last 21 years It has been added to scientific knowledge. “

However, 1998 review A panel led by Peter Sturrock, a professor of applied physics at Stanford University, concluded that some sightings were accompanied by physical evidence worthy of scientific research.Star lock too Investigated professional astronomer And almost half found UFOs worthy of scientific research and of greater interest among young and knowledgeable astronomers.

If astronomers are intrigued by UFOs and believe that some cases deserve to be studied with academic rigor, what is blocking them? A History of distrust It didn’t help between UFO researchers and scientists.And while UFO research is adopting Some of the tools of the scientific method, It did not have the core of skeptical and evidence-based reasoning that distinguishes science Pseudoscience..

90,000 recent and current searches Grant was awarded According to the National Science Foundation, nothing has been found to address UFOs and related phenomena. I’ve been in the review panel for 35 years and can imagine the reaction when such a proposal is made for peer review.

A group of satellite dishes pointing in different directions.

A group of satellite dishes pointing in different directions.

Decades of alien search

The scientific community has almost completely avoided engaging with UFOs, but the far more mainstream search for intelligent aliens and their technologies has been going on for decades.

This search is motivated by the fact that astronomers have discovered so far. Over 4,400 planets orbiting other stars.. So-called exoplanets are close to Earth’s mass, just right away from the stars, and may have water on their surface. That is, it may be habitable.

Astronomers A world where 300 million people can live Only in the Milky Way galaxy, each one Potential opportunity For the development of life and the emergence of intelligence and technology.Sure, most astronomers think it’s very unlikely Humans are the only or first advanced civilization..

This confidence is active Search for extraterrestrial intelligent life, Known as SETI. So far it has not been successful. As a result, the researchers rewrote the question, “Are we alone?” “Where are the aliens?” The lack of evidence of intellectual aliens Fermi paradox.. The first clarification by physicist Enrico Fermi is paradoxical, as advanced civilization should spread throughout the galaxy, but there are no signs of its existence.

SETI’s activities are not influenced by scientists. Criticism..It has been hungry for federal funding for decades, and recently got most of its support Private source.. But in 2020 NASA Resumed funding for SETI, And the new NASA administrator is a researcher Pursue UFO topics..

In this regard, Pentagon reports are welcome.Report draws Some concrete conclusions Avoid mentioning UFOs about aliens and extraterrestrial spacecraft. But it points out the importance of destigmatizing UFOs so that more pilots report what they see. We also set the goal of moving from case studies to standardized scientific data collection. Over time it will be clear if this is enough to get scientists into the effort, but the transparency to publish the report is Secrets Surrounding U.S. Government Reports on UFOs..

I don’t see any compelling evidence of an alien spacecraft, but as a curious scientist, I hope that a really unexplained subset of UFO sightings will be studied more closely. Scientists are unlikely to be weighted if skepticism creates an attack from a “true believer” or is banished by a colleague. Meanwhile, the truth is still there.

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