There are ways to lower gas prices, but you won’t like it

Speed ​​limit sign.

Speed ​​limit sign. Illustrated | iStock

A small suggestion to deal with rising gas prices: Regain the speed limit of 55 mph.

Before Vladimir Putin invaded Ukraine, prices were already on the rise. Slow start-up Increased oil production following the collapse of demand due to a pandemic.Now the cost will go up even more, Rise due to sanctions on Russia’s oil and gas industry. Take real-time lessons on the laws of supply and demand.

In most cases, the solutions offered are supply-driven.Biden’s administration has approached oil-rich countries Saudi Arabia and Venezuela — — Vaguely — About loosening the production spigot.The White House also has 60 million barrels Strategic petroleum stockpiling..Meanwhile, Republicans are in the United States gain Domestic oil production. this is “Drill, baby, drill“Again, it’s not clear if any of these moves will help significantly lower prices.

Meanwhile, no one in the government is talking about how to actually do it Reduce gasoline usage..

One quick and obvious way we can do that is to slow down the driving of everyone. We did it before.Congress has passed Country maximum speed limit In 1973, not as a way to save lives in a car accident, but as a way to reduce gasoline usage during the Arab oil embargo.The limit lasts for 22 years, during which the country consumes it 167,000 barrels As much as a day, and overall savings 3 percent Of annual fuel consumption. (It also inspired Sammy Hagar’s best song.. ) Yes, it made a long car journey tremendous — I say this as a kid in an era when he spent too much time trapped in a backseat crowded with my sisters — It also saved a lot of gas. I was able to do it again.

Of course, the big problem with this proposal is that most Americans look down on it. We love 2020 survey Almost half of us suggested that we drove above the existing speed limit of 15 mph, which is in the range of 65 mph or more in most states.The driver of the country that produced fast and furious Movies, no matter how much you save, don’t tend to toddler on the freeway at moderate speeds. Over the past few years, it has proven that we are not very good at making small personal sacrifices for greater profits.

However, the benefits of lower speed limits cannot be denied.Russia is less leveraged than the rest of the world and the White House doesn’t have to go hand in hand To the monarchy That rule is underpinned by their oil reserves.It will be good for the climate, and Reduce the number of road fatalities..

Face it, if you don’t use that much energy, achieving energy independence is easier.

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