“There is no comparable explanation.”

William Shatner in a blue flight suit staring at the window of a spaceship

William Shatner is staring at the Earth from the window of Blue Origin’s New Shepard Capsule on October 13, 2021. Blue origin

New video from inside Blue originSpaceship shows a 90-year-old actor William Shatner I am looking at the earth below in awe.

Shatner spent decades portraying Captain James T. Kirk, commander of Star Trek: The Original Series, in “Star Trek.” On Wednesday morning, television stars took off on a Blue Origin New Shepard rocket and took off on a unique space adventure into space as they soared to the edge of space 62 miles above Earth. The journey has made him the oldest man to ever reach space.

William Shatner laughing in a blue flight suit on a gray background

William Shatner poses in a Blue Origin flight suit. Blue origin

At the peak of the 11-minute flight, Chatner and three other passengers on the ship (former NASA engineer Chris Boschuisen, health care entrepreneur Glendevries, Blue Origin’s vice president of mission and flight operations Audrey Powers) Had about 3 minutes of experience. I saw the curvature of the earth under zero gravity.

Blue Origin shared a video from the moment of weightlessness on Twitter on Wednesday afternoon. Cameras inside the space capsule were recorded when passengers drifted out of their seats.

“This is nuts!” Power shouted. “Holy hell.”

Shatner just grabbed the edge of the window and stared at the Earth below, while the other passengers were flipping over and floating.

“There is no comparable explanation,” he said.

Still, when the capsule parachuted back to Earth and landed safely, Shatner tried to explain it-especially the thin lines of the Earth’s atmosphere.

“Look at the beauty of that color, and it’s so thin, and you’ll quickly get through it,” he told Blue Origin founder Jeff Bezos. “Suddenly you went through blue and turned black.”

Shatner added: “You see blackness, the ugliness of black. And you look down-there is blue, there is black. There is mother earth and comfort, and there is-is there death? ? I don’t. Is it death? Is it the way of death? “

At some point during the post-flight reflex, he covered his face and wiped his tears.

Many astronauts who have seen the Earth from space express their overwhelming awe, their sense of unity with other humans, and their appreciation for the fragility of our planet.Experts call this “Overview effect”.

“I’m very emotional about what’s happening now, it’s extraordinary,” Shatner told Bezos. “I hope I’ll never recover. I hope I can maintain what I’m feeling now. I don’t want to lose.”

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