There is no end to politicians’ drastic measures in the war with COVID


When false philosophies are cultivated and reach a wide range of control in the world of intelligence, they are no longer questioned. Fake superstructures are erected on fake foundations, and ultimately a barren system with no merit parades their grandeur on the world stage. –Francis Bacon

In the last 18 months, there have been two threats to human health. The imminent biological threat of the SARS-CoV-2 virus and the political decision to wage asymmetric warfare through social restrictions that destroy jobs, violate human rights and throw away trash. Medical ethics.

The political decision to violate the Permanent Law was made with the assistance of an emergency, as was the advancement of all globalists. The malicious asymmetric impact of these political decisions on public health is less publicized than the virus, as the first victims of war are true. But they are getting worse and worse as the war goes on.

Some of the traumas of these political decisions must be acknowledged. The bitter pill came first. Rather than adopting the wise and focused protection of vulnerable older people proposed by the Great Barrington Declaration, authorities implemented massive blockades and painful restrictions, increasing the demand for vaccines. The economic impact of that decision will affect public health for decades.

This decision was sold to the public without discussion as a rigorous but necessary step in the end of the vaccine. There were no signs that the arrival of the vaccine would require a further “stage”, or an infinite regress of booster shots, or a police state to move forward. No one mentions that, like a prison, you need to be masked indefinitely in public or school to lose your identity or receive a QR number to identify you.

I was convinced that things would return to normal when the vaccine came.

However, vaccines do not seem to be able to produce such results. COVID is Mucosal respiratory virus, And the vaccine is an intramuscular vaccine, and the virus replicates in the respiratory tract long before the humoral immune response provided by the vaccine begins.This means that the vaccinated person has the viral load and the number of replicas. As high as As unvaccinated people.

The threat of viruses and the threat of strict government measures are not or will be over.

You might say that the vaccine passport shows hopeful signs. I disagree. Vaccine passport, a disgusting term that normalizes restrictions, is a political drama that suggests that freedom is a gift given by a benevolent government. Vaxxports are just carrots to reward the masses, give them scapegoats (unvaccinated) for obvious vaccination failures, and at the same time distract them from the fact that they are the sticks of an ongoing political war. For everyone Keep pace.

Vaccines do not stop any more waves and never stop. SARS-CoV-2 is endemic.

Apparently it’s a political war.

As we have seen, public health indicates that everyone must continue to wear masks, reduce social distance, and follow mandatory contact tracing protocols. To make matters worse, instead of admitting vaccine failure, people are more willing to do what would not have been conscientious a year ago because of the sunk costs of both politicians and the devout masses. Masu: Divide your society and, as the city of Toronto recently announced, you may even extend your vaccination obligations to the age of 5-11 years without cause or even risk.

So what’s behind the politician’s continuation of obvious failure in the fight against COVID?

It’s not ignorant. Destroying financial independence, restricting access to health care, and restricting citizens’ freedom are well-known social determinants of poor health.It’s part of Human rights proceedings against dictatorship..

The horrific biological threat posed by COVID may be an excuse, but it lacks substance. In Canada, life expectancy will rise in 2020, Continued to rise in 2021, And statistics Average age of death by COVID in Canada It reflects that it remains a threat to the elderly.

Moreover, once again, we just face if the vaccine tightens government regulation in the form of so-called “vaccine passports” and causes non-compliant government-mandated unemployment reflected in the world of corporateists. Not a public health failure, but atrocities against it. Dismissing thousands of health workers in a system allegedly capable at the beginning of the war turns individual health assaults into mismanaged social health hazards.

If dismissing front-line health care professionals looks like when the government is protecting public health, what does it look like when it’s assaulting?

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Scott Masson


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