There is no evidence in the information that Giuliani investigated Clinton


Washington (AP) — Justice Department inspector general said Thursday that no evidence was found that FBI agents shared inside information about Hillary Clinton’s email investigation with Rudy Giuliani.

The question is whether anyone leaked information to Giuliani after a former New York City mayor appeared on television on October 26, 2016, stating that then-candidate Donald Trump had “a pretty big surprise.” Has occurred. Two days later, then-FBI Director James Comey revealed that the FBI would resume Clinton’s email investigation following the discovery of a new email.

Inspectors between FBI agents and reporters in the process of investigating whether someone stole Giuliani improperly and whether Clinton mishandled sensitive information on her personal email server. I searched the contact more broadly.

According to a report issued Thursday, Giuliani told the surveillance office that he had not received any information about Clinton’s investigation and that Comey’s comment, which resumed the investigation, was “shocking me.” I had no prediction of them. He said he hadn’t been in contact with the current FBI agents during the month, and the former officials he had contacted had no information about the FBI investigation.

As part of the investigation, the Inspector General’s Office asked the FBI to determine which agents may have been in contact with Giuliani. The FBI identified four employees, each of whom told the surveillance office during the interview that they had no contact with Giuliani.

The FBI said four employees used the FBI device to call the phone number associated with Giuliani, but the Inspector General’s office said the information was out of date or meaningless. Said.

Two of the phone numbers are the landlines of Giuliani’s law firm’s New York office, and the other two are the phone numbers of companies that “Giuliani hasn’t partnered with since at least 2007.” was. ..

“Therefore, the phone number that the FBI attributed to Giuliani was not unique to Giuliani,” the report said. “Therefore, based on the alleged contact of FBI employees with Giuliani, the alleged investigation clues provided by the FBI were inaccurate.”


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