There is no “magic number” for vaccination to end the blockade of the Australian state: Vice CHO

The state’s labor government has confirmed that the number of vaccinations does not determine whether lockdowns will be used to control future outbreaks of the CCP virus, so the road to Victoria’s release from lockdowns. Is uncertain.

“There is more than one magical number,” Victoria’s Deputy Premier of Victoria told reporters on June 6.

“A lot of things will be easier if the coverage is significantly higher.”

He said that Victoria may not require the “strength” of restrictions if vaccine intake is increased, but the state “does only contact tracing, without doing anything else to the exact same level.” May be possible. ” About vaccination. “

This is because the federal government announced on June 6 that it would send an additional 330,000 doses of COVID-19 vaccine to Victoria, with 115,000 Astras each in the next two weeks for the three weeks following June 14. The dose of Geneca vaccine and 100,000 doses of Pfizer.

Federal Health Minister Greg Hunt said on June 6th, “This is a recognition of the very strong efforts and strong demand here in Victoria.

“We want other states and territories to have the same level of public support and trust. We’re doing well nationwide, but we’re always looking for more. I am. “

With more than 650,000 vaccinations in Victoria, only a few percent of Victorians are fully vaccinated when Melbourne returns from its second weekend lockdown.

5,016,000 vaccinations were given nationwide.

“The vaccine program is accelerating, Australians are moving forward, and when availability is available, the general public is stepping up and playing their part,” Hunt said.

Hunt’s comment came when Victoria confirmed that two more cases had been reported at a geriatric care facility in Maidstone, a suburb of Melbourne.

The case included a 79-year-old resident living in the center and a registered nurse at the institution.

A little less than 350 Public exposure site Listed in Victoria.

Meanwhile, the Federal and Victoria State Governments have agreed to build a new dedicated quarantine facility in Victoria. But Commonwealth Labor leader Anthony Albanese said more facilities needed to be built in other states.

“This needs to be fixed now. You probably don’t have to wait until the next federal election in May next year,” he told Sky News. “I can’t afford to continue these blockades.”

Allen Chen, Deputy Chief Health Officer of Victoria, added that lifting the blockade was a “daily proposal” and relaxing the restrictions on June 10 was “our expectations.”

“We don’t want to be in this situation longer than necessary, so we’ll release it as soon as possible,” Chen said.

AAP contributed to this report.

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