“There is no more one launch, Boris, and England.”

Russian missiles launched during training

A ground-based intercontinental ballistic missile launched from a Plesetsk facility in northwestern Russia during a military exercise in December 2020.Associated Press

  • Russian proponents have shown a simulation of how Britain will come to an end with a nuclear attack.

  • “Only one launch, Boris, and England are gone … why play with us?” He said in a state broadcast.

  • The simulation included a nuclear attack in the air or at sea.

Russian proponents have released a simulation of a fictitious nuclear attack on state television that will wipe out Britain and Ireland.

Dmitri KiselevA propaganda man who formed an alliance with Russian President Vladimir Putin, May 1st broadcast The News of the World show explains how a nuclear attack in the air or at sea could destroy Britain.

“Only one launch, Boris, and England are gone,” Kiselov said of a computer-generated simulation. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson.. “One time only. Why play with us?”

“In fact, they seem to be rave reviews in the British Isles. Why threaten endless Russia with nuclear weapons when you’re on a very small island?” Kiselov Said. He said, “Only one Salmat missile“It would be” enough to sink only once. “

Another way to “put Britain on the seabed” is in Russia “Poseidon” underwater drone, Kiselov OK.

“We approach the target at a depth of 1 km at 200 km / h. There is no way to stop this underwater drone. The warhead above it can be up to 100 megatons,” he claimed.

Kiselov We then hypothesized that the “explosion of this thermonuclear torpedo” off the coast of England would cause a tsunami up to 500 meters high.

“Scoal of such water is also a carrier of extreme doses of radiation,” he said. At the same time, the simulation showed a green “wave” on the maps of the United Kingdom and Ireland, indicating that the radioactive material was being washed.

“After passing through the British Isles, it will turn those leftovers into radioactive deserts and will not be suitable for anything for a long time,” Kiselov said.

John Everard, a former Belarusian ambassador to the United Kingdom, said: RTE According to Russian television graphics, he did not believe Russia had the weapons to wipe out Britain and Ireland.

“Calm down. If you really feel strong about it, make yourself clear to the Russians, but keep in mind that this is just a TV mockup,” Everd said at the outlet. Told. ..

“Russians don’t have this weapon. Again, they don’t have this weapon,” he added, according to the RTE.

Johnson Meeting with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky in Kieu in April And Britain promised to send armored vehicles and anti-ship missiles to support the fight against Russia.In the same month, Johnson Said again Some Ukrainian troops are trained in the United Kingdom to use these armored vehicles.

Last week, Russian Foreign Minister Sergeń≠ Viklov He said the possibility of a nuclear war outbreak in Ukraine is “serious” and “realistic.” In 2018, Putin also threatened: Unleash nuclear weapons if the country is attacked..

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