“There is no real solution in Gaza,” says the former Israeli ambassador.

the current Middle East situation Is “confusion,” and “there is no way to move forward,” says former Israeli ambassador Michael Oren.

“Honestly, there is no real solution in Gaza,” he told Major Garrett, a Washington correspondent, in an episode of this week’s “takeout” podcast.

Oren, who served as ambassador from 2009 to 2013 under Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, said:[Israel is] I’m not going to send an army there and lose a thousand children.And after all, no one [going] Take the key to Gaza. We are back. And that’s a mess. ”

Secretary of State Antony Blinken visited Israel this week hoping to consolidate a ceasefire between Israel and Hamas, a US-designated terrorist group that controls the Gaza Strip. Secretary of State Blinken said the United States has promised to help Israel replenish its “Iron Dome” missile defense system, and the Biden administration will provide Palestinians with an additional $ 75 million this year.

TheĀ· “Iron Dome” Hamas intercepted most of the 3,400 rockets launched into Israel this month. However, Oren said the technique was a “double-edged sword” that upset the balance between the victims of the Israelis and Palestinians. Recent hostilities have killed 14 Israelis and killed more than 250 Palestinians in Israeli airstrikes.

“”[The “Iron Dome”] Create an imbalance. And on our side, John Oliver (comedian) said, “Hey, 100 Palestinians are being killed, just as 10 Israelis are being killed.” John, I’m sorry, no one is killed. But in a sense, if one of Hamas’ goals is to outlaw us and label us as a war crime, it’s a great tool. ”

Oren also argued that Hamas’s infrastructure was integrated into the neighborhood, resulting in a very high casualty rate in Gaza.

“I’ve been fighting in Gaza. It’s a hole in hell. But one of the reasons for civilian casualties is that Hamas is built into these neighborhoods and built underneath them. So … if you blow up the tunnel, it’s likely to go down under the apartments now. ” “And it was never Israel’s intention to kill those people, so it’s a tragic and tragic situation. I personally see how it can be treated in a really different way. not.”

Blinken also announced $ 5.5 million in disaster relief in the Gaza Strip, where Israeli airstrikes destroyed the neighborhood and evacuated an estimated 77,000 people.

Oren, who served in the Israeli army, warned that Hamas controls Gaza and its inhabitants, making it difficult for US aid to reach the Palestinians who need it. “You’re going to move $ 75 million to Gaza and I don’t think Hamas is going to get a part of it … Hamas gets a part of it all. You know it. Must be. ”

Top quotes from this week’s episode:

About Palestinian official death statistics: “No. First of all, they always come from the suspicious Hamas Medical Commission, but in reality people’s names have been killed and about 80 percent of them are terrorists. We know it was, and it killed seven people, as if the police interfered with the bank robbery, shot four bank robbers, and accidentally shot three hostages. This is equivalent from an Israeli point of view. “Potential long-term solution on the west bank of the Jordan River:” There is no real solution in Gaza. Sending troops there and losing a thousand children No. And after all, no one brings the key Gaza. We occupied again. And it’s a mess. It’s just a mess. In the current situation on the west bank of the Jordan River, Hamas Mood There is no way to move forward because Abbas is not authorized and has no legitimacy to sign a peace agreement if necessary. Frankly, we also have no government. We are in four or three years. We’re about to enter the fifth election. We don’t even have leadership to negotiate.” Israeli missiles blasting Gaza’s apartment: “It was never Israel’s intention to kill those people, so it’s tragic and tragic. The situation. I personally don’t see a way to treat it in a really different way. ”

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