“There is no reason to believe there is enough evidence to indict President Trump.”

A few days later Former President Donald Trump When he launched his fourth White House candidacy, the U.S. Justice Department stepped up two investigations.

Veteran Prosecutor Jack Smith Heads Both Justice Department investigations .

“If you’re inciting riots by going to the Capitol peacefully and patriotically, as you know, we’ve turned the First Amendment upside down,” said former Acting Attorney General Matt Whitaker. told Fox News Digital.

In response to the special counsel, Trump said he was repeating attacks he made during Mueller’s investigation from 2017 to 2019, and is now targeting Smith personally. Fox News Digital, “They didn’t find anything. And now they took a guy who hates Trump. This is a disgrace and it’s happening because I lead in every poll in both parties.” ing”

Watchdog Group questions legality of special counsel appointment to probe Trump

“Let’s see what happens [Jack Smith] He can draw on the discipline and traditions of the Department of Justice, allowing him to do his job right on top of political strife,” Whitaker said.


Attorney General Merrick Garland said the “extraordinary circumstances” of the Trump-Biden rematch added urgency to the Justice Department lawsuit, but Trump said: fox news digital He will not “participate” in the DOJ investigation.

MAR-A-LAGO Probe: Procedural legal battle over documents continues in 11th Circuit Court of Appeals

But Whitaker says the former president may be making a mistake.

“If you don’t mind, I recommend [Trump] Mr. Whitaker asked me that I should play an active role in protecting myself. I believe that there is a role to play as a master.”

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Former President Donald Trump speaks at an event at his Mar-a-Lago home in Palm Beach, Florida, November 15, 2022.

“If I were someone who needed prosecution, I would like to know why, I would like to understand their motives, and I would like to understand who the victims were and what kind of damage they caused.”

But Whitaker told Fox News Digital that he disagrees with former Attorney General Bill Barr and believes the DOJ may not have the killer weapon to prosecute the former president.

And as Trump’s legal battle rages on, the Biden administration still struggles to grasp the crisis on the southern border.

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Customs and Border Protection says an average of 2,693 immigrants are evading arrest each day, so on Monday, 15 states asked to extend their Title 42 detonation to the Dec. 21 deadline. I filed a claim.

“I don’t think Title 42 has legal legitimacy. It certainly has political legitimacy,” Whitaker said. “This administration desperately wants whatever it says in its court filings to be upheld because it is about the only tool they can use.”


Whittaker also revealed that he met with cabinet members of the Biden administration to find a solution, but those discussions went nowhere.

“I have worked with the president and others in the cabinet, even members of Congress, to come up with solutions that address all these issues. I thought I was doing it, but in the end nothing was achieved.”