There is no supporting evidence that the man convicted of Floyd’s murder was not Derek Chauvin

Claim: The man who attempted to murder George Floyd was a spoof

As the world reacted Derek Chauvin convicted of murdering George Floyd, Some people used the verdict online to revive old falsehoods.

Chauvin is a former Minnesota police officer who was filmed last year kneeling on Floyd’s neck and killing him. The high-profile incident affected international calls for racial justice and a change to American police.

Social media users share Chauvin’s images side-by-side, claiming that the convicted man is not the same as the man who knelt on Floyd’s neck for more than nine minutes in May.

“The verdict is irrelevant because it’s not real.” Claim Image shared on Facebook on April 20th. “It’s not Chauvin.”

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The post contains some images of Chauvin from the day he killed Floyd, a photo of his face, and his trial. The close-up image highlights the perceived difference in ear shape between Chauvin’s mugshot and the image taken during the killing of Floyd.

Insist on the post “Two different people. Duration”.

In the mugshot image, the upper part of the left ear appears to be rounded. In the image from Floyd’s death video, Chauvin’s ears appear to be sharp.

Assault or rational police?Closing argument of Derek Chauvin murder trial

Assault or rational police?Closing argument of Derek Chauvin murder trial

Another post It emphasizes the difference in Chauvin’s hairline. In the photo of Chauvin kneeling on Floyd’s neck, his hairline appears at the top of the window, and the mugshot hairline looks straight.

Similar posts The same image was used to promote an unfounded conspiracy theory that Chauvin was a paid crisis actor.

Unfounded claims about body doubles and crisis actors have spread many times over the past few years to rationalize.False flagA conspiracy theory claiming a tragedy that attracts the attention of inaccurate sources was staged for political gain. USA TODAY Research Some of these plots did not turn out to be true.

This claim is similarly unfounded. The alleged discrepancy is only the result of camera angle and lighting.

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USA TODAY has contacted several accounts that have posted complaints. No one responded.

Minnesota Correctional Bureau Derek Chauvin Mugshot Ingested

Minnesota Correctional Bureau Derek Chauvin Mugshot Ingested

Camera angle, time explain the difference between photos

Several factors, such as camera angle, image quality, and time, explain the difference in Chauvin’s appearance between photos.

USA TODAY experimented with the camera and found that the shape of the hairline and ears could vary depending on the angle at which the image was taken. The quality of the light source and camera can also affect how facial features are displayed in the image.

PolitiFact conducted a similar experiment in June when similar photographs and claims surfaced and reached the same conclusion.It Evaluated the allegations of conspiracy as false..

Chauvin’s hair length will also change the appearance of his hairline at any time.

The photos used in these widely shared comparisons were taken on three different occasions in almost a year. May 25, when Floyd was killed,rear Chauvin was arrested on May 29 And During Chauvin’s trial on April 19..

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If the resolution of some of the images presented as evidence is low, the details will be obscured.

Other photos show consistent functionality

Other images of Chauvin show changes in his ear shape and hairline based on camera angles.

To This mugshot imageChauvin’s ears appear sharp, and his hairline, unlike a post mugshot, shows the peak of his widow. These details are consistent with the video stills of the scene of the day Floyd was killed.

But This image A photo of Chauvin kneeling on Floyd’s neck, captured from a New York Post video, shows his ears from another angle. So his ears more closely resemble the round shape mentioned by skeptics in a later mugshot.

Since both images are from the same day, it is clear that the camera angle can distort the discriminating function.

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During Chauvin’s highly televised trial Minneapolis Police Chief Medallia Aradondo And Several witnesses Chauvin was identified as the same man who killed Floyd.

USA TODAY could not find evidence that another man impersonated Chauvin in his trial.

Our rating: False

The man convicted of killing Floyd appreciates the claim that he was not Chauvin FALSE because it is not supported by our research. Perceived disagreements, arrests, and trials of Chauvin’s appearance at the crime scene can be explained by different camera angles, lighting, and time. Similar images at the time and his testimony at the trial confirm that the man convicted of killing Floyd was Chauvin.

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