“There were some things I didn’t like.”

Less than a week after Georgia’s Republicans passed the new controversial election law, one of the state’s top GOP leaders expressed concern about what they believed the bill didn’t make sense. did.

“Early in the process, I spoke loudly about some things I didn’t like in the law,” Georgia Lieutenant Governor Geoff Duncan told Yahoo News. “I think an important part of this is to stay alive in the mantra of making voting in Georgia easier to vote and making cheating difficult.”

As Vice Governor, Duncan presides over the state Senate and casts a tiebreaker vote. But with a bill passed by Congress in a party vote, that wasn’t necessary. Still, Duncan has problems with some provisions of the new law.

“I didn’t think it made sense to cancel an absentee ballot without excuses,” Duncan said. “Early versions of the bill also seemed to limit Sunday voting. I didn’t think it was a really good position.”

“I [also] I didn’t think it always made sense [to not allow] Water and food are lined up, “he added. “I think there was a better way to do that.”

Geoff Duncan, front right, Brian Kemp, center

Central Governor Brian Kemp and Deputy Governor Geoff Duncan after signing the bill at the Georgia Capitol Museum in Atlanta. (Alyssa Pointer / Atlanta Journal-Constitution via AP)

Follow the record 5 million votes Duncan, cast during Georgia’s 2020 election cycle, said he expects more turnout in 2024. Critics of the new Georgia law say it was designed to prevent it. Duncan also added that Republicans in his state need to regain credibility by acknowledging the fact that former President Trump was “fairly and honestly” defeated in 2020.

“I think the best place for Republicans to start all sorts of election reform conversations is to say that former President Donald Trump has lost the fairness and honesty of the election,” he said. “Now let’s talk about how to modernize and update the voting system here in Georgia.”

Despite his dissatisfaction with some of the law, Duncan Senate Bill 202The 2021 Election Integrity Act now makes future Georgia elections safer than ever with increased identity requirements and changes in early voting.

But the Democrats say there was nothing wrong with the election law, as evidenced by the law that goes through strictly partisan policies. Instead, they claim that the Republicans have developed new legislation in response directly to the Democratic Party’s victory in the presidential and Senate elections.

“SB202 oppresses voters, criminals compassion and deprives local and state officials of voting rights,” said former Democratic Congressman Stacey Abrams. Tweet Shortly after Kemp signed the bill on Thursday after being passed by a number of Republican Senates. “The Republicans have passed and signed # SB202 to show that the surrender is lying to the truth. Fear of impartiality. To suppress participation.”

Brian Kemp, second from right

Georgia Governor Brian Kemp, second from right. (Alyssa Pointer / Atlanta Journal-Constitution via AP)

Now the court decides the fate of the law. As of Wednesday afternoon, the three civil rights organizations (New Georgia Project, Black Bowters Matter Fund, and Georgia NAACP) have separate legislation against the law, alleging that it affects older voters and voters disproportionately. I am making an objection.

“A thin veil attempt to roll back the progress we have made to empower Georgians has increased voter confidence and complete elections to use their voices in the democratic process. Create an arbitrary law that ensures sexuality and does not increase access to ballot boxes. ‚ÄĚReverend James Woodall, Georgian NAACP State President, said. statement..

The most obvious change enacted in the new law concerns absentee ballot. The earliest time a voter can request a mail ballot is 77 days before the election, rather than the 180 days previously allocated. In addition, the deadline for completing an absentee ballot application has been set back one week in advance. Republicans say these changes will reduce the number of votes rejected due to tight deadlines.

Republican Rep. Alan Powell said the new law would bring unity to the electoral system that was severely stressed in the last election cycle.

“Georgia’s electoral system has never been designed to handle the amount of votes it has processed,” he said. New York Times.. “What we did with this bill in front of you was to wipe out the mechanics of our electoral system.”

Not surprisingly, Democrats disagree.

A record 1.3 million Georgians voted absentee in the general election, and then-candidate Joe Biden almost doubled Trump’s total, about 850,000 compared to Trump’s 450,000 votes. I got a vote. Democrats see tightening restrictions as a form of retaliation. New provisions claimed by progressives curb ballots in marginalized communities, including black Georgians who have reached record numbers in recent election cycles, some of which return ballots. Relied on longer turnaround times.

Voters line up to throw ballots

Voters at the polling place during the Senate final vote in Atlanta. (Dustin Chambers / Bloomberg via Getty Images)

Nikema Williams, Georgia’s latest Democrat, Sunday CNN She believes the state’s recent progressive victory has fueled a Republican backlash.

“The Republicans are retreating and we’re angry that we were able to win,” she said. “So they are now going to do everything on their own, mostly to limit the votes of people who look like me.”

The new election law also has a new voter ID requirement for requesting and returning votes. Applicants must include a copy of their driver’s license number, state ID number, or another approvable voter ID.But many Poor Georgians Also, people of color who live in local communities may be excluded from future elections because they do not have state-issued IDs.

Senator Raphael Warnock, one of Georgia’s two new Democratic senators, questioned the motives of Republican leaders in support of the law.

“You’re literally going to make public policy based on lies. Do some people feel that things weren’t what they were supposed to be?” Warnock said at an event in Atlanta on Friday. It was. “Is that the way we make public policy?”

Kemp said Tuesday that he would “expand access” to the vote in defending the new law.

“I think when people are educated about the bill and not exposed to people on the other side who misunderstand what the bill is actually doing,” he says. Told NPR On Tuesday, “I think they understand well why the General Assembly took action.”


Jessica McGowan / Getty Images

One of the bright spots of the new law, cited by bill proponents and critics, is to expand the opportunities for early voting and mandate Saturday voting while keeping Sunday time voluntary. In addition, the county can now have a minimum of 8 hours and a maximum of 12 hours of early voting time per day.

But another issue in the law is the change in the State Election Commission. The Secretary of State will no longer chair the board, and the new chair will be appointed by state legislatures and a majority of the Senate. Republican current Secretary of State for Georgia Brad Rafensberger fired after the 2020 election, which challenged the false allegations of Trump’s fraudulent vote in the presidential election, and did not pressure him to prove the result. ..

Duncan believes that Rafence has been set aside for the “appeasement” of those in favor of Trump’s “conspiracy” in 2020.

“The only thing [Raffensperger is] The guilty is the former president’s scapegoat, “Duncan said.

Blood Lafence

Georgia Secretary of State Bradla Fence Purger. (Dustin Chambers / Bloomberg via Getty Images)

Under the new law, state election commissions will have more authority to intervene in county election commissions that are considered “unprofitable.” Many feel that there is room to overturn future elections that the Republicans are not advancing.

Hillary Holly, organizational director of Fair Fight, a grassroots non-profit organization that encourages voter participation, said Republicans would stop recognizing elections and support Trump if these laws came into force in 2020. I think I was able to overturn the election.

“They are trying to change the basic way elections work, and it shouldn’t be a partisan issue,” Holly told Yahoo News.

Republican Rep. Barry Fleming, important voice in drafting the bill, Called regulation “Temporary fixes are, so to speak, finished and control is handed over to the locals after the problem is resolved.”

Election worker

Election workers will count votes in Atlanta on November 3, 2020. (Jessica McGowan / Getty Images)

The impact of Georgia’s new election law is still under debate, and its legality will soon be debated in court, so Republicans will focus on the challenges already faced by their members rather than creating new ones. Duncan said he needed to go back to guessing.

“We need to dive into the community and understand the real problem,” he said. “If you want to convince people to vote for us, you can’t use 280 characters to demonize people all over the world.”

Cover thumbnail photo Illustration: Yahoo News; Photo: Elijah Nouvelage / Getty Images, Alyssa Pointer / Atlanta Journal-Constitution via AP


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