Thermal images find signs of life as 12 of the capsized boats off the coast remain missing


A family of 12 missing in a capsized boat continues to have hope as the search continues.

After days of search, the crew’s family, missing after the capsize of Seacore Power, is still waiting for an answer about their loved ones. On Tuesday, Marion Kyler recorded a video of stormy weather from work and sent it to her fiancé, Seacor Power’s crane operator, Chaz Morales. “He told me they were jacking down. They were out, and I told him,” The weather is too bad. You need to go home, “Kyler said Thursday. Told the reporters. A 129-foot Seacoal powerlift boat overturned in hurricane winds and turbulence, about eight miles south of Port Forcheon, Louisiana, in the Gulf of Mexico, was the last conversation Kyler had with Morales before the stormy weather intensified. It was one of. “One squall has passed. I think the Coast Guard said it went from 10 to 20 knots to 50 to 80 knots in just a few minutes, but to my surprise I caught it,” Kyler said. Marion Kyler, a fiancee of the missing crew Chazmorales, walks to talk to a reporter at a family-group fire station after a liftboat overturned in the Gulf of Mexico during a storm on Tuesday. Thursday, April 15, 2021, Port Forcheon, Louisiana, killing a person and leaving 12 others still missing. (AP Photo / Gerald Herbert) There were 19 members on board at the time, six of whom were rescued shortly after the incident. As of Thursday evening, only one death was confirmed from the incident after the body was recovered on Wednesday. The search for the remaining 12 crew members, Morales, will continue. “Tuesday was a change in his crew’s day, so he shouldn’t have technically boarded the boat from the beginning,” Kyler said. “He was supposed to get off, but because he has children, he decided to work with them to support everything.” The family gathered after a liftboat overturned in the Gulf of Mexico during a storm on Tuesday. At the fire department, Marion Kyler, a fiancee of the missing crew Chazmorales, spoke to reporters in Port Forchon, Louisiana, Thursday, April 15, 2021. (AP Photo / Gerald Herbert) In a preliminary report on the progress of the search, the Coast Guard said the crew had searched a total of 70 hours covering approximately 6,380 square miles. -An area about the same size as Hawaii. Rescue operations were delayed due to stormy weather on Thursday, but divers were reportedly able to operate and knock on the hull, with no response. The Coast Guard shut down at night after searching for assets in the air and on the ground Thursday evening. The search will resume on Friday. Click here for the free Accuweather app Some families of missing crew members, such as Cuyler, were hoping that the man was probably trapped in the boat by air. “I heard from someone rescued that they were on a boat, which is why I needed a diver in the water as soon as possible,” Kyler said. The US Coast Guard declared the incident a major maritime casualty on Thursday as the search continued. Under US law, serious marine accidents involving commercial vessels that meet one of four situations: loss of life of 6 or more, loss of 100 gross tonnage of mechanical propulsion vessels, and initial property damage. Can be declared. It is estimated to be over $ 2 million or is considered a serious threat to life, property or the environment from dangerous goods. In the case of Seacor Power, Coast Guard NCO Carlos Galarza told that the vessel weighed more than 100 tonnes and the overturn reached a $ 2 million damage threshold. Said that the disaster is considered a major marine accident. .. Garalza also emphasized that investigators have not yet decided whether the criteria for loss of life apply in the case of Seacol Power. The missing family is wondering why the ship went out into the sea in the first place. “That’s what everyone is saying-why did it leave?” Kyler said. “Who ordered this boat to leave in this kind of weather? Strong winds, it shouldn’t have left. Especially a jack-up rig. There is no way.” A company that ran ashore during a storm on Tuesday. After investigating the barge, a man who didn’t want to be identified overturned the liftboat and killed 12 other people who went missing in the Gulf of Mexico on Thursday. , April 15, 2021. (AP Photo / Gerald Herbert) Liftboat accidents aren’t new, but the number of accidents is decreasing year by year as regulations have been tightened in recent decades. One of the main features of a lift boat is its legs and feet. David Bourg, founder and managing partner of MiNOMarine, LLC and adjunct professor of shipbuilding engineering at the University of New Orleans, told AccuWeather National Weather Reporter. Bill Wadel. These can be used to lift the hull completely out of the water for the purpose of creating a stable working platform. “Specific lift boat [from this] The tragic accident had 265-foot legs, so it looks like a 26-story building, “Bourg said. The liftboat was invented in southern Louisiana, which means that it had to constantly fight storm conditions and hurricanes. It is designed to meet strict standards for harsh weather, and if you anticipate hurricanes, tropical cyclones, etc., you need to set up a protocol. These criteria relate to float stability, increased stability, leg strength, and more. Most liftboats in the Gulf of Mexico are certified for limited service and are designed to withstand 70 knots of wind (about 81 mph) when climbing or floating, but a safe port. Can withstand 100 knots of wind (115 mph) when climbing. Certified for unlimited service, lift boats are designed to withstand 100 knots of wind when climbing or floating. There was a 75mph gust, according to reports of storms from the area on Tuesday. It was measured during a storm near the Grand Isle. A gust of 112 mph was also measured offshore the oil rig. “Don’t guess, let the experts go there and see what happens. Hopefully there will be more survivors. After all, learn some lessons and I know what really happened, “says Bourg. Expressing frustration and anger at the situation, Kyler called for tragedy to lead to change. “Hopefully, companies will probably decide that they should wait a few hours before they die at risk,” she said. “They need to think about their crew before they think about their pockets,” an additional report by Bill Wadell of AccuWeather National Weather Reporter. Keep checking and keep an eye out for DirecTV, Frontier, Spectrum, FuboTV, Philo, and Verizon Fios’ AccuWeather networks.

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