These are airlines that withdrew their mask obligations after a judge appointed by Trump withdrew their requirements.

Southwest Airlines.

The owner of the condolences plans to sue the airline.Mark RALSTON / AFP via Getty Images

  • On Monday, a federal judge invalidated the CDC’s Maskman Date for planes and transportation.

  • Following the ruling, the four largest airlines in the United States have withdrawn their obligations on masks and made them optional.

  • It is still unclear whether the Justice Department will challenge the ruling.

Several U.S. airlines and train systems withdrew Mask’s obligations after a federal judge on Monday Overthrown Obligation of face masks for planes and public transport at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

This requirement was enforced by the Biden administration in February 2021 and has been extended and challenged in court.

The airlines that withdrew Maskman Date are:

Alaska Airlines

Max Tidwell, Vice President of Safety and Security at Alaska Airlines, said: Said in a statement on Monday. “We are also grateful to the guests for their compassion and patience for standing by us during all the twists and turns.”

United Airlines

In a statement, United Airlines announced the same, adding that masks are now an option.

“It went into effect soon, and masks are no longer needed on domestic flights, some international flights (depending on the mask requirements of the country of arrival), or at US airports,” the company said. Said in a statement.

Southwest Airlines

Southwest Airlines also said in a statement, “Southwest Airlines employees and customers will be able to choose whether to wear masks. Make the best decisions to support personal health. I recommend it. “

American Airlines

American Airlines Followed by“Face masks may still be needed under local ordinances,” adding that it means that all four major US airlines have withdrawn their mission.

JetBlue Airlines

JetBlue Also announced that it will leave From the requirements, join the four major airlines.

According to the company, “following Monday’s federal court ruling and Transportation Security Administration guidance, wearing a mask is an option at JetBlue.” “It is no longer necessary, but customers and crew can continue to wear masks on terminals and aircraft.”


According to CNBC Transportation is considering whether to enforce the CDC guidelines. Amtrak told insiders in a statement that agents would no longer need masks for passengers and train employees, saying, “Anyone who needs or chooses to wear a mask. It is encouraged to do so, “he added.

The mission was overturned

On Monday, Judge Kathryn Kimball Mizel, a judge appointed to Trump, said: I have written In her ruling that the CDC exceeded its power in the first guidance.

“Our system does not allow government agencies to act illegally, even in pursuit of their desired objectives,” she said in a ruling. The Biden administration later announced that the Transportation Security Administration would suspend the execution of the mandate, but it is still unclear whether the Justice Department will appeal the decision.

“We are considering the decision and will refuse to comment further,” agency spokeswoman Daniel Blevins told insiders.

The ruling is primarily responsible for individual airlines, customers, and transportation to determine how companies and agencies have the courage to implement guidelines to see if the government will appeal. ..

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