These are children fleeing Afghanistan


As the world considers, a tragic image of children and families emerges from Kabul Taliban takes over Afghanistan..

One of the pictures of a child sleeping on the US Air Force C-17 cargo floor patrolled on social media Thursday morning.

According to the Pentagon, the child wore the uniform of Baron Nicholas, a first-class airman, to keep him warm during the evacuation flight from Kabul on Wednesday.

The image of a sleeping child is The chaos of the crowd attacking the tarmac I desperately tried to board the plane at Kabul International Airport on Monday.

Families and children continue to face uncertainty as to whether to stay or evacuate to Kabul after the Taliban fled to Kabul last week as it hijacked other parts of the country.

Robert Nickelsburg, author of Afghanistan: The Far War, who has worked as a contract photographer for Time magazine for nearly 30 years, tells USA TODAY that photography of children in an unstable environment like Afghanistan is always fascinating. I explained that it is a typical subject. “”

“If you’re chasing children, or if society can’t take care of them, that’s another way to show your true need,” Nickelsburg said.

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“Children are the common denominator and universal in the world, whether it’s Burma, Rohingya or Sudan,” he said.

He added that photojournalism is a “necessary item” in the changing climate of Afghanistan.

“This is a very direct and easy way to show your needs. How people aren’t protected,” said Nickelsburg.

Here are some of the most viral moments of children and families when the Taliban overtook Afghanistan.

In the video, the child was lifted onto the wall of Hamid Karzai International Airport and headed for the US soldiers. Airports have become a hot topic all over the world due to the enthusiastic scene of people trying to evacuate the country.

Pictures of Afghan children sleeping on the floor of a freighter evacuating Kabul became a hot topic on social media on Thursday. The child was given a US military uniform by Baron Nicholas, Airman First Class, to keep him warm during the flight.

Reuters posted the image after reporting that a young child sleeping in a public park in Kabul had been expelled from the northern states.

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This article was originally published in USA TODAY: Word of mouth spreads photos of Afghan children on a U.S. freighter across the Kabul wall