These are terms that ICE is no longer allowed to use.



US immigration enforcement agencies cease to use words that advocates and civil rights groups have long claimed to be inhuman terms used to justify discrimination against vulnerable groups.

With a pair of notes Immigration and tariff enforcement as well as Customs and Border Guard, The agency has instructed officers to use “non-citizens or immigrants” instead of “aliens.” “Undocumented” rather than “illegal”. And instead of “assimilation”, “integration”.

“As the best law enforcement agency in the United States, we have set the tone and example for our partners in our country and around the world,” wrote CBP Chief Troy Miller. “We enforce the laws of our country while maintaining the dignity of all the individuals we interact with. The words we use are important and those under our control. Helps to give that dignity further to. “

This guidance reflects previous actions at the US Citizenship and Immigration Department.

Joe BidenThe administration has also sought to replace the terminology of the entire agency as part of the radical immigration reform package he introduced on his first day in office. The bill was passed by the House of Representatives.

The latest language change was first reported by The Washington Post.

“Language is important,” US Congressman Jose “Chui” Garcia said on Twitter. “This is a small but important step in reversing the dehumanization of immigrants.”

Biden has endeavored to overturn the “moral and national shame” of immigration restrictions agenda and rhetoric under Donald Trump, and the policies dictated by former advisers Stephen Miller and Steve Bannon. It was.

“We have people coming and going into the country. We’re stopping many of them, but we’re taking people out of the country. Mr. Trump said at the White House in 2018. “You can’t believe how bad these people are. These aren’t people. These are animals.”

His administration at the time also pursued a “zero tolerance” policy that separated thousands of families at the US-Mexico border, and immigration agencies leveraged Mr. Trump’s rhetoric through official communication and press releases.

In one of his last speeches at the White House, Mr. Trump used the term “alien” five times.

Mr Biden’s administration refused to call the rise of immigrants to the US-Mexico border a “crisis.” White House officials and immigration advocates instead said the latest “crisis” was a failed neglected immigration policy, violence and persecution in other countries inflamed by the United States, a coronavirus pandemic and trade. The economic collapse from the deal, and the hurricane that affected Central America in 2020, claimed to be the result of two catastrophic consequences.

Immigrants can apply for asylum only once in the United States. Since the outbreak of the pandemic, controversial measures have been taken under the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, blocking thousands of adult asylum seekers from the border.

In 2013, the Associated Press, which publishes style guides used in most newsrooms to maintain consistency across platforms, is neither neutral nor accurate, so it is “illegal” when referring to people and immigrants. Refused to use. Slur.

In 2015, California passed a state law banning the term “foreigner” in labor law. The New York City Council resolved in 2019 to ban the terms “foreigners” and “illegal immigrants” and replace them with “non-citizens” to stop using the former term “inhuman and aggressive”. did.

“Language is important and we need to continue to take steps to ensure that our policies and languages ​​recognize the important role of immigrants and immigrants to families, communities and economies,” FWD. Peter Boogaard, Us Communications Director, said.Statement to ABC News.

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