These couples lived in luxury RVs and sold their homes to travel the United States all year round.


Joel and Fat are depicted in front of their RV

Deb and Joel have a YouTube channel called Chasing RV Sunshine, which records their trips.Joel and Deb Brettingen

  • A couple bought a second-hand 44-foot camper for just $ 170,000.

  • The luxurious RV is equipped with multiple TVs, a king-sized bed, a dishwasher and a freezer.

  • The couple visited attractions such as the Grand Canyon, Salt Lake City and Yellowstone.

Lindsey and Bruce Roberts in Dallas, Texas, planned to visit Alaska on an RV for only six weeks, but eventually extended their trip to almost a year.

“At that time, we just wanted to go out,” Lindsey said.

The 70- and 60-year-old couples realized that their home was not an eternal home and said they had been working on the RV lifestyle since 2009. He sold his home in 2018 and has lived in a luxury RV in New Mar Ventana ever since.

Lindsey and Bruce were filmed in front of the sea.

Lindsey and Bruce said they spent about $ 300,000 on a luxury RV.Lindsey and Bruce Roberts

“Travel is getting longer and longer, so I wondered why I needed a house. You shouldn’t worry about your house and sell everything,” they said.

The couple, who have been married for 30 years, said they had been to 49 states. The highlight of this lifestyle for them is the change in landscape and the choice of where they live.

“One of our friends asked us if we were saving money or was it cheap, but we said no because it wasn’t economical. We lived our lives. I’m having fun, “they said.

Roberts may stay in a luxurious RV resort with facilities such as a swimming pool, golf course and relaxing outdoor area.

Joel and Deb Brettingen

Joel and Deb took pictures of their trip with their dog Maya.

Joel, Fat and Maya the dog.Joel and Deb Brettingen

Originally from Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin, Joel and Devbrettingen have lived in a full-time luxury RV for nine months after selling their 20-year-old home.

Both couples are retired law enforcement officers and have decided to sell their homes after paying off their mortgages to become full-time “RVers” to escape the winter in Wisconsin.

“We didn’t see everything in the United States, this was one way we could travel and see it in our time frame. We also plan to visit Canada and Mexico. “They said.

Photo of Joel and Fat Tiffin Allegro Camper

Joel and Deb own a 35-foot Tiffin Allegro camper.Joel and Deb Brettingen

They made a five-year plan, organized their finances, and budgeted. During the nine months Brettingens lived in a camper van, they spent most of the winter in Texas visiting Hoover Dam, Grand Canyon, Salt Lake City and Deadwood in South Dakota.

“We have gained freedom and lots of friends in the RV community. Everyone helps each other and meets people from several different countries.”

The couple watched a YouTube video and did a lot of research before starting a new life. They bought a $ 170,000 used 45ft RV in 2020.

“Don’t miss mowing or home maintenance. Except for gas, meals and daily costs are the same, but there are places where you can stay for free on public land, so you can adjust.”

Joe and Sharon Carmichael

Joe and Sharon Carmichael took pictures with their granddaughter.

Joe and Sharon Car Michael in front of the RV with a visiting granddaughter.Joe and Sharon Carmichael

Joe and Sharon Carmichael went out on the road in a new camper after selling their home in 2015. Joe used to work in sales and was always driving in between appointments.

“I saw people on the RV and said that was what we were trying to do. It’s been a dream for a long time,” Joe said.

The couple owns a coach at Newmar London Air, which costs about $ 700,000. They said it’s much cheaper to live in a camper if you don’t have to pay property taxes or insurance.

Inside Joe and Sharon's camper

Inside the camper vans of Joe and Sharon, who boast four TVs.Joe and Sharon Carmichael

“Initially, my wife said she would do it for a year, but she was completely absorbed in the beauty of the United States and realized that she had a lot to do on the road,” Joe said. rice field.

“We probably spend about $ 6,000 a month on campers, fuel, food, and drink payments, have lunch frequently, and visit national and state parks.”

When the couple first told the family, they laughed and said they would give it six months before they divorced because they reduced their space. “We passed it in flying colors and celebrated our 55th wedding anniversary in Niagara Falls.”

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