These Cuban croquettes are explosive.Manufacturers warn about “violence” if not cooked properly

Dozens of Cubans have complained over the past few weeks that state-owned croquettes have exploded during cooking, causing burns. Cubans share images of their burnt faces and videos of croquettes popping out of hot oil on social media.

After numerous complaints, state-owned company Prodal acknowledged that croquettes were prone to “violence” and warned customers to prepare carefully.

“A common mistake when frying. The oil should be about 180 degrees. [356 degrees Fahrenheit] Do not fry a lot of croquettes at room temperature at the same the case of Croquette Criola, They are more crowded and open to more “violence,” Prodal posted on Twitter.

Anselmo Lopez Galvez, who lives in Havana, suffered a full-body burn while trying to fry the croquette. Other customers also shared videos and photos of the explosion and its consequences on their social media accounts.

Lopez Galvez said he started frying croquettes after buying them at the state market on March 24th.

“Surprisingly, these croquettes began to explode in my face, causing burns throughout my body and injuring my face,” Lopez Galvez said on Facebook.

Lopez Galvez said the doctor who treated him at Calixto Garcia Hospital assured him that several people had come on the same day after suffering burns, the victims of explosive croquettes.

According to official data, Prodal produced 20,000 tonnes of food, including sausages, cold cuts and croquettes, for sale in government stores last year.

Raul Rodriguez, a sports editor in Radio Havana Cuba, warned Cubans about the dangers associated with fried croquettes and said they had blown up on a friend’s face.

“Watch out for croquettes,” Rodriguez said on Facebook, wondering if there might be a reason for some of the ingredients in popular products to explode.

Croquettes are especially popular among low-income earners in Cuba, which suffers from severe food shortages.

Prodal has launched a campaign to teach Cubans how to fry their products.

“To perfect the croquette criola prodal, you need to fry it properly. Before frying, bring it to room temperature. Heat a lot of oil to cover them. Be careful not to blow off the oil. “The company said on Twitter.

Many users responded to the post requesting an apology from the company and recovery of the croquette.

“Responsible for yourself and compensate for the victims of your incompetence, irresponsibility and lack of professionalism,” Jose Nunez Carvajal told Twitter.

Daniel Granda Fernandez tweeted. “Production must be stopped until the problem is resolved.”