They do, they do!Tiffany Trump Marries Her Billionaire Boo In Glamorous Mar-a-Lago Shindig

Bride and Groom and Bride's Parents, Marla Maples, Former President Donald Trump

Bride and Groom and Bride’s Parents, Marla Maples, Former President Donald Trump

Indeed, there are no other hydrangea flowers left east of the Mississippi.

After noblely serving as botanical stars at the wedding of Tiffany Trump and Michael Boulos, they’re all at the Mar-a-Lago Club taking their last breaths.

For real.there were thousand Of them, in all colors produced by nature, and some are not.

The highly anticipated event took place late Saturday afternoon and was perfectly timed, with the couple finalizing their vows just before the sun went down.

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Symbolism and evocation prevailed in the union of Lebanese-American billionaires, 29 and 25, the youngest daughters of the former president.

As the guests gathered before the ceremony, the sound system played Puccini’s opera “Nessum dorma” Turandot.

It’s the song Donald and Melania first danced to at their wedding over 15 years ago.

Bride's father takes his daughter down the aisle

Bride’s father takes his daughter down the aisle

As a tribute to her husband’s Lebanese heritage, the bride chose Lebanese designer Elie Saab to design the dress.

Dress… Roadie, dress. In a word, amazing. Ballerina With an elegant and simple design Her neckline, long sleeves and fitted waist fit into her A-line It was made of colored fabric. The bride looked like a walking diamond.

(Please don’t take away the actual diamond on her ring finger.

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about the bride. Rhodey, bride. Absolutely breathtaking with her perfectly fitted dress and her long blonde hair hanging curly down her shoulders.Perfect.

It was also very calm and serene for a bride who just three days ago was faced with the prospect of Hurricane Nicole blowing away her wedding plans.

Other key points:

* Bridesmaids paid tribute to the bride in a Tiffany Blue dress.

* The wedding planner who cemented our Lebanese ties was Toni Briess, based in Beirut and Paris.

The bride chose her half-sister Ivanka as mother of honor

The bride chose her half-sister Ivanka as mother of honor

* The mother of the bride, Marla Maples, also wore an Elie Saab dress. A one-shoulder lilac in her cut biased her number and paired nicely with her coloring (additional points in the matching manicure).

* Trump’s grandchildren played the roles of junior bridesmaids, flower girls and page boys.

*There were no hints anywhere on the vast property that the hurricane passed through. Not even a fallen palm leaf.

* The couple chose Toploader’s cover of “Dancing in the Moonlight” for their first dance.

* At the reception, the bride changed into a dance-appropriate second dress featuring a fiery diamond necklace.

* Donald and Melania danced to “Strangers in the Night”.

* The menu card is an etched mirror, almost Instagram-ready as the mirror reflects the camera flash.

* For all the high-profile characters, the wedding itself was kept secret. Driving down South Ocean Boulevard, Lucky Rouse saw only two police officers directing traffic in front of Mar-a-Lago. And finally;

* Maples, mother of the bride, told People magazine that the wedding cake is a replica of the seven-foot-tall Sylvia Weinstock wedding cake used in Mara and Donald’s 1993 wedding.

Nothing reminds everyone in attendance, especially Donald and Melania, that Mara was there first.

Yes, narcissism has color. Lilac.

This article originally appeared on the Palm Beach Daily News. Tiffany Trump and Michael Boulos Marry After Two Years of Engagement