“They haven’t believed it yet because they have been intubated.” COVID denial does not die

Our friends in health care I’ve seen a lot to pierce my heart In this COVID-19 pandemic, however, nothing is more tragic. It’s a scene that I believe was killed by guilty young children. Unvaccinated parents By taking the virus home.

“And the kids are apologizing at the bedside because they’re dying,” the hospital nurse tells me.

“Did you actually see it?” I ask her.

“Many times,” says the nurse.

My Kansas City nurse friend, who can’t use her name because she doesn’t have the authority to speak to the media, tells this unimaginable, unspoken tragedy of burgers and beer.

Some of them are ashamed of silence by what she tells them. But even after hearing the story of parents who left their children with no mother or father because of it, others stubbornly stick to their rebellion — and for something that is clearly not their fault. He left them with lifelong self-blame.

of course It is not the children’s fault that they became ill and that unvaccinated fathers and mothers became fatal. Dads and moms could easily get vaccinated, but children couldn’t. “But they feel like they’ve killed their parents, and they still feel terrible,” she says.

COVID vaccine resistance It continues over and over again within the Delta variant, and even among compassionate hospital workers who can help their survivors even if they are not dying patients. Surprisingly, many who have seen their loved ones die still refuse to be vaccinated.

“We talk about it. We try to push it. Our doctors try to push it forward,” my friend vaccinates the dead and dying survivors of COVID. I will talk about efforts. “They often don’t want it.”

Good god, why?

Nurses say most people complain that they don’t know what the shot is, or simply don’t trust it or the government. Or they should be fine because they say they’ve gone so long without getting it — unlike their loved ones who succumbed to it.

Vaccine hesitation — this is My friend’s hospital, which has an endless stream of patients from some of America’s most unruly vaccine controversy counties, appears even for the most severely ill. A man in need of intubation told a colleague of my friend’s nurse that she was a vaccinated idiot.

“He asked her if she had been vaccinated, and he was like,’You’re stupid,'” says the nurse. “I just talked to her about how everyone is falling into what the government says, COVID is not real and should not be vaccinated. While he is lying in the ICU bed.”

Another man (not just one, but keep in mind) offended staff in the hospital’s emergency room by encouraging hospitalization. He went out angry, claiming that COVID wasn’t real, despite being tied to oxygen.

“And I found him on ventilator within 12 hours (at another hospital),” says the nurse. “He has always said,’COVID is not real.’ You guys are stupid. “

“I was able to tell you a daily story — because they were just yelling at us and they left and then came back or worse than when they left (another hospital) And they haven’t believed it yet because they have been intubated.

“We are all so tired that we don’t want to beg you to stay, but we do because we know you’re leaving and dying.”

This is a tragedy involved in the COVID disaster.As if Healthcare heroes need more On their shoulders, they have to deal with hostility towards them and against the hard-earned drugs that could even save the fight.

“If the story doesn’t change my mind, I don’t mind talking to you at all,” says a friend of my nurse. “If you don’t mind it, I don’t know what will happen.

“It’s amazing to all of us. We can’t understand it.”

Still, she and her colleagues spend a long and constant time saving even militant infidels while categorizing the enormous tragedy they endure in order to remain sane and functional. increase. Cruelty seems to never end, as it seems that there is no end to being immobile and unvaccinated.

“I think the worst part is knowing that the end is invisible. Even if you regain your composure and the census goes down a bit, it will continue to skyrocket throughout the winter. And we do that. I know, and I’m just tired of thinking about it. “

After all, the worst part is actually seeing children growing up believing that they killed their unvaccinated parents when stubbornness, ignorance, or ridicule acted.

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