Third Generation Princelings Talk for Chained Women

For a woman chained in Xuzhou, a third-generation Red Princelings said the incident was “definitely just the tip of the iceberg.” This is the first comment on a chained woman from the descendants of a strong executive of the party.

Ye Jianying, also known as Maggie Yip, is the granddaughter of Ye Jianying, the founding marshal of the Chinese Communist Party. Her post on February 21 revealed the current situation in the town where a chained woman was found.

“All roads in Feng County were closed on February 15. Locals seem to be feeling pressure from the general public, but we are not fake peace being oppressed, but a solution. I want to see a plan, “he read.

She described the incident as just the tip of the iceberg, adding that “such primitive behavior in the 21st century, where is humanity?”

Ip’s father, Ye XuanningKnown as the spiritual leader of the Red Princelings, and an influential politician and businessman. Ip is the Managing Director of the Brilliant Culture Group in Hong Kong.

In response to her post, Chinese netizens expressed concern about the incident and the possibility that Ip’s Weibo account would be closed due to government censorship on this topic.

Ip also shared an official announcement from the Feng County Traffic Police of the Ministry of Public Security of China on February 15, closing the entire Huanshou Line (county road X301) leading to Dongjicun, the village where the chained female was found. Said it was done. For construction.

“Traffic closure will be extended until June 30, 2022,” the notice read.

On February 17, Jiangsu Province announced an investigation team for the chained women case. Since the case was exposed on January 28, authorities have ultimately recognized it as a trafficking case. There are a total of four notifications, but each time the update was a revised version of the previous notification.

In protests against female abuse, local governments placed villages and towns under close scrutiny.

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Police officers will make a gesture to journalists on March 5, 2021 not to take pictures in Beijing, China. (NICOLASASFOURI / AFP via Getty Images)

According to Hunan Broadcasting Position On Twitter, a reporter tried various routes to drive to Dongjikun on February 20, but was stopped at a police checkpoint. Authorities have completely closed the village in the name of epidemic prevention.

Zhao Han Tang, Chinese movie directed by The actor also wrote in his Weibo on February 19 that he received information from people arriving in the county where the chained female was found. Since the news was reported, authorities have built dozens of miles of iron walls surrounding Dongjikun and the surrounding villages.

According to Chinese bloggers @wanjunxieJiangsu police officer sent a message at risk of his life February 20: “Leaders demanded that there was no more news about the women in Feng County’s chains. Neighboring states sent a number of police officers to help Xuzhou. Feng County also closed. Police have secretly captured and detained all the women chained in the village. “

Fearing that the lives of hundreds or thousands of chained women in the region could disappear all at once, bloggers urged public attention to prevent it from happening.

He claimed that these chained females weren’t doing anything wrong. But unfortunately, they were born in a land of hell.

Mary Hong contributed to this report.

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