Third Mississippi prison breakout found dead at New Orleans truck stop


prisoner ran away from Mississippi prison last month He was found dead at a truck stop in New Orleans, officials said Tuesday, and one of the four suspects who fled the facility has escaped.

Security guards found the body of Casey Grayson, 34, in the doorway of a pickup truck on Sunday. Hines County Sheriff Tyree Jones told reporters.

Jones said no foul play appeared to be involved. Investigators found drugs and suspected drug paraphernalia near his body, Jones said.

An autopsy will reveal how Grayson died, Jones said.

Corey Harrison is the only inmate to break free from Raymond Jail on April 22nd. Jones said an investigation into his whereabouts continues.

Corey Harrison.  (Hynes County Sheriff's Office via Facebook)

Corey Harrison. (Hynes County Sheriff’s Office via Facebook)

51 year old Jerry Raines Taken Thursday in Spring Valley, TexasDylan Arrington, 22 Believed to have died after a shootout with the authorities the day before.

Authorities say Arlington is suspected of barricading himself in his home in Leake County, Mississippi, and shooting police officers. His lieutenant was wounded and the house caught fire during the shootout.

The suspect’s body was so badly burned that officials said a DNA test might be needed to confirm his identity.

Authorities say Arlington is suspected of shooting the pastor dead before the shootout after stopping to help him at the scene of the motorcycle crash. After shooting dead pastor Anthony Watts, 62, the gunman stole a red Dodge from his ram.

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