Third oil storage tank on fire, collapses at Cuban terminal following spill: governor

HAVANA — A third crude tank caught fire and collapsed at Cuba’s main oil terminal Matanzas, a local governor said Monday, as oil spilled from the second tank that caught fire two days ago in the island’s biggest oil industry accident. spread the flames.

Cuba, with help from Mexico and Venezuela, made progress in fighting off raging flames over the weekend, but fire began spreading from a second tank that collapsed late Sunday, the governor of Matanzas state, about 60 miles away, said. said Mario Sabines. Originally from Havana.

Matanzas is Cuba’s largest port for imports of crude oil and fuels. Cuban heavy crude oil, fuel oil and diesel stored at Matanzas are primarily used for power generation on the island.

Sabines likens the situation to an “Olympic torch” that moves from one tank to the next, turning each into a “cauldron” that now surrounds the area covering three tanks, with flames and billowing black smoke surrounding the situation. complicates efforts to

The communist country, subject to severe U.S. sanctions, is nearly bankrupt, and power outages, gas and other shortages have sparked protests across the country after historic turmoil last summer in July. A sporadic and tense situation was already occurring.

Residents expressed concern that the crisis could worsen as the hottest month of the year weakens.

“No lights, no gas.