Thirty-six people were afraid to die as rescue teams struggled to reach the crushed carriage

Passengers help get off the derailed train in Hualien County-& # xa0;

Passengers help get off the derailed train in Hualien

According to the fire department, rescue teams struggled to reach the crushed vehicle, derailing in a tunnel in eastern Taiwan after a train crashed into a truck on Friday, killing dozens and injuring more than 61.

In the latest information on their latest rescue operations, police said 36 passengers were classified as “out-of-hospital cardiac arrest”-a term for someone who shows no signs of life.

According to the statement, 72 were still trapped inside the train while 61 passengers were sent to the hospital.

The fire department said in a statement that the train to Taitung had deviated from the tunnel tracks just north of Hualien and some vehicles had hit the tunnel wall.

The train to Taitung was off the railroad track in a tunnel just north of Hualien-Cheng Rong-gui / Facebook & # xa0;

The train to Taitung was off the railroad track in a tunnel just north of Hualien-Cheng Rong-gui / Facebook

The train carries about 350 people and rescue operations are underway, the agency said.

He added that 80-100 people were evacuated from the first four cars of the train, but five to eight cars were “deformed” and difficult to access.

“Are you all in car 4?” In the image provided by the fire department, you can hear a woman screaming from inside the tunnel.

Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen posted in a Facebook post outlining her instructions to rescue staff, saying, “Doing our best to rescue trapped people is our top priority.” Said.

When UDN broadcast live outside the tunnel, there were at least two undamaged train cars, and rescue teams were helping passengers escape.

“I felt like there was a sudden and violent shock, and I noticed that I was lying on the floor,” an unidentified female survivor told the network.

“We broke the window and climbed up and down the train roof.”

A woman returning home with her husband on the Qingming Festival holiday said she was shocked when the train passed through the tunnel.

Passengers walk beside the derailed train & # xa0;-& # xa0;

Passengers walk beside the derailed

“We were asleep, but suddenly there was a violent strike, I fell to the floor and my head was bleeding,” she told reporters outside the wreckage. She wore a blood-stained shirt and wrapped her head in a scarf that another passenger gave her to stop bleeding.

The couple was traveling in the seventh carriage, which was turned over in the tunnel. She said she and her husband had to break the windows and climb, then climb onto another carriage and exit the tunnel.

When she and her husband climbed through the window, she said she saw one person who believed they were dead lying in a carriage.

One man told social media that his girlfriend was traveling by train and was trapped in a carriage that was still parked in the tunnel, leaning against the wall of the tunnel instead of turning it over completely.

“I’m lucky that it happened in the tunnel, otherwise the aftermath is unbearable to think,” he wrote.

She told him that many passengers were crying and some passengers’ feet were crushed by luggage. When the accident happened, his girlfriend was sleeping with her head in her hand, so she fell into that position, even though the train shook several times when the emergency brake was applied. I was not seriously injured.

The Central News Agency said it suspected that “improperly parked” trucks had slipped into the train path. The fire department showed a picture of what looks like the wreckage of a truck next to some of the derailed trains.

An image of the crash site shows a carriage in a tunnel collapsing and torn from the impact, passengers tilting their suitcases and bags to collect on a derailed carriage, and other passengers walking on a railroad track littered with debris. I am.

The accident occurred at the beginning of a long weekend at the traditional grave cleaning day hospital.

The east coast of Taiwan’s mountainous regions is a popular tourist destination.

In 2018, a train derailed in northeastern Taiwan, causing the island’s worst rail disaster in more than 30 years, killing 18 people and injuring 175.