Thirty years after WWE’s first female referee accused Vince McMahon of raping, a former wrestler claimed it was true.

Vince McMahon

Vince McMahon.Ethan Miller / Getty Images

  • WWE’s first female referee, Rita Chatterton, accused Vince McMahon of raping in 1992.

  • A former professional wrestler said in an article in New York Magazine that Chatterton’s claim was true.

  • McMahon recently resigned from his role as CEO in an investigation into another allegation of illegal activity.

Former wrestlers said the allegations that WWE’s first female referee accused Vince McMahon, the former CEO of the organization, for raping her in 1986 were true.

Former wrestler Leonard Ingitari, whose ring name was Mario Mancini, said Rita Chatterton’s claim was true.He became journalist Abe Riesman Story published by New York Magazine Monday. Riesman is writing a book about McMahon called “Ringmaster”, which will be released in March.

This is the first time a wrestler has endorsed Chatterton’s accusation.

Chatterton filed a public accusation in 1992, claiming that McMahon had raped her in a limousine in 1986. She refused her accusations, and Riesman reported that the statute of limitations for her rape had passed at that time.

Ingitari said in an article in New York Magazine that Chatterton confided to him in 1986. Before the WWF show (where WWE was known as the United World Wrestling Federation at the time), Chatterton “tears” in front of Ingitari, he said.

He said Chatterton told McMahon “take out his penis” and “push my head there.” He added that she told McMahon “pull me over him”, forcibly remove her jeans, and “inside her”.

WWE did not respond to requests for comment from insiders on behalf of the company or McMahon.

McMahon’s lawyer, Jerry McDavid, did not immediately respond to insider’s request for comment on behalf of McMahon. Ingitari declined to comment on insiders.

“He was willing to file a proceeding, but he knew it would be a difficult fight,” Chatterton said to Riesman, referring to the lawyer she contacted. “I took a shower and didn’t go to the hospital, so it turned out to be my word for McMahon.”

She added, “I was scared. He was powerful. It would be him who controls me.”

Chatterton published her claim at the “Geraldo Rivera Show”. WWF did not comment on the allegations at that time, but Riesman reported that McMahon called the accusation false in the proceedings.

McMahon and his wife, Linda, sued members of Chatterton, Rivera, and Rivera’s production team after the interview aired, and the defendant gave McMahon “serious mental distress” in “fabrication of false accusations.” Of the rape that claimed to have been part of an inflicting plot. The proceedings were finally withdrawn, Riesman reported.

McMahon has recently voluntarily Away from his role As Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of WWE, during a special committee of the Board’s investigation into individual allegations of illegal activity against him and the head of the company’s Talent Relations.

“We have promised to fully cooperate with the investigation by the Special Committee. We will do everything possible to support the investigation,” McMahon said in a statement released by WWE. “I also promised to accept the findings and whatever the results were.”

McMahon continues to oversee the company’s creative content. Stephanie McMahon, his daughter and WWE brand chief, has been appointed Interim CEO and Chair.

The Wall Street Journal The first to be reported earlier this month WWE CEO was investigating payments McMahon became a former female employee, some of whom accused McMahon and the person responsible for the misconduct’s talent relationship. Payments forbade them from talking about the agreement, the journal reported, citing people familiar with the investigation.

The investigation began in April after the board received a tip on a payment of about $ 3 million to a former female paralegal accused of having a relationship with McMahon, the journal reported.

A WWE spokesman told the journal that the relationship between McMahon and a former paralegal had been reached. His lawyer, McDavid, told the journal that the paralegal did not claim her harassment of McMahon and “WWE did not pay her.”

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