“This is how you are killed here,” police officers tell a black driver asking for a traffic stop.


Veteran Miami-Dade police officers are being investigated after a video surfaced to a black man who questioned why he was pulled, saying, “This is how you are killed here, man.”

the man, Identified by WTVJ-NBC6 Geraldson Nicholas seems surprised and tells the police. “Tell me what you just said,” before the video, which took less than a minute, was over.

Nicholas was pulled because he wasn’t wearing a seatbelt last week.

An undesignated motorcycle police officer was unbeaten and assigned a desk duty until the internal affairs investigation was completed.

“That’s exactly the reasoning that plagues me,” said George Perez, the interim Miami-Dade police chief who ordered the investigation.

The exchange between Nicholas and the officers took place just before 9am on Wednesday, on the way to work, near the corner of 159th and 18th northeast. Officers demand his license, registration, and insurance from Nicholas, and if he doesn’t provide it, he says, “You’re not going to work.”

Officers make a racist statement when Nicholas does not submit the paperwork immediately. Nicholas, who was unable to reach the Miami Herald on Monday night, told NBC6 that he began recording encounters when officers grabbed the door handle of his car.

Steadman Stahl, president of the South Florida Police Charity Association, said he wanted to watch the entire video before passing the ruling. He also said he did not believe the officer’s remarks were racist and interpreted it as meaning that the officer was talking about the potential dangers of not wearing a seatbelt. ..

“People die by not wearing seat belts every day,” Stahl said.

Perez said a Miami-Dade cyber detective noticed Nicholas posted about it on his TikTok account and noticed the incident on Thursday after ordering an internal review by Friday. He said he watched 31 minutes of footage of the camera worn by the policeman, which began when he ordered Nicholas to pull.

Nicholas was issued for not wearing a seatbelt, not having the proper number tag and insurance, and driving with a suspended license. Police officers did not arrest him and ordered him to tow his car. According to Perez, the family later recovered it.

Perez also said Nicholas visited police on Monday to speak with the detective and file an official complaint. In a brief interview with NBC 6, Nicholas said he “respected” the officer, and the camera footage worn by the officer would show that. Police hadn’t released the footage by Monday night.