“This is unwelcome.” A white supremacist flyer appears on the lawn of central Kentucky.

The Scott County Sheriff’s Office is trying to determine who has placed a leaflet promoting white supremacy in the northern neighborhood of Georgetown.

A leaflet promoting “White Pride” with a swastika was placed on about 12 lawns in the Mallard Point district late Monday night or early Tuesday morning, Sgt said. Eddie Hart of Scott County Sheriff’s Office.

The leaflets were placed in plastic bags with gravel and placed in “random” gardens “on different streets in the neighborhood,” Hart said. “Not one on every street.”

At the top of the leaflet is the heading “Black Lives Matter”. They continue. “The whole country is tired of your s ****. Tired of lawlessness, tired of riots, tired of threats and demands.”

In the image of the leaflet is a picture of a white girl with the words “Please explain why you are a minority in your country”.

The leaflet states that he is from the same group, 14 First The Foundation. Distribute materials around central Kentucky Last August Lexington in November..

Hart said the “hotline” phone number on the leaflet was assigned to a residence in Illinois, but believes someone in Kentucky is responsible for distributing the material.

“No one has a direct threat of harm or death,” Hart said, but he said the sheriff’s office took the case seriously.

He said they were trying to use home security footage to identify who distributed the material “so that they could ask them what their motives were.”

“There is no room for their message,” Hart said. “Their message is one of hatred and does not support them trying to hire for it.”

The agency isn’t trying to close its freedom of speech, but “I want them to know that this isn’t welcome in our community,” Hart said.

“These were previously distributed in our area,” Hart said. “They like to get the promotion from it.”

The Kentucky branch of the Council on American-Islamic Relations issued a statement on Friday condemning the act, and the organization and the American Muslim community said, “Anti-Black Speciesism, Exclusion of Foreigners, Islamophobia, Anti-Semitism, White We are in solidarity with all those who challenge supremacism. ” , And all other forms of prejudice. “

“It is imperative that state and local law enforcement officials identify perpetrators and community leaders speak to racist groups and individuals who spread this hatred,” said CAIR-Kentucky Chairman. One Sarah Shakir said.