This is what Russia was in Ukraine over Biden’s “attack” against Putin.

Anadolu Agency

Anadolu Agency

Saturday’s Joe Biden Off-the-Cuff Declaration Vladimir Putin “cannot maintain power” Almost immediately, he returned to the White House and stepped on the message it was about to send while the president was boosting, so it dominated Western news coverage this weekend. The Kremlin’s enthusiastic publicity claims About the “fifth column” that seems to be working towards a regime change in Russia.

But don’t let Biden’s “rhetorical escalation” wall-to-wall coverage distract you from the very literal bloody escalations of Putin’s stormtroopers.

You may have heard of six missiles launched by Russia in the Ukrainian city of Lviv, even when Biden was speaking across the border.

Desperate quest for a father who disappeared in Ukraine

but, Reports of white phosphorus shells used by the Russian army Just as much of the Western world messed up Biden’s Putin rating on Saturday night. A few days after President Volodymyr Zelensky warned the world that Russia was “using phosphorus shells against peaceful people in Ukraine,” Ukrainian troops in Avdiivka shared photos of white phosphorus shells.

Uses as one highly toxic chemical known for its burning capacity Chemical weapons experts put it down“Very energetic” through the human body—that is Escalation that the whole world should be talking about.

Want something else?

Mayor of Slavutych on Saturday Announced the deaths of at least three civilians As he said, the northern cities were hijacked by Russian troops. He said the surrender decision was made to save the lives of civilians, and begged his relatives to identify the body.

Many in the West have focused on Biden’s speech, behaving as if his comments could dramatically change the course of the war, but suffering from the dead or alive of the missing loved one. Imagine the number of Ukrainians out there.

Their story was postponed as Western commentators speculated on how Russia would react to Biden’s remarks.

The story of Mariupol’s survivors forced a loved one, or even a complete stranger, to be buried in a rushed tomb in the courtyard of the apartment building.

There are many corpses on the street, so it’s a story of a funeral hall that literally distributes empty caskets.

“When you bury a dead person, at least put some information about that person in the casket,” says funeral hall director Nikolai Saparov. Facebook for advice..

Ukrainians who said they survived Mariupol used social media to play loops in their heads with the nightmares they witnessed there, and that Westerners no longer wanted the reality of the war loop. I talked about the fear of. In their media feed. Instead, it may be easier to tickle Biden’s remarks.

“Unfortunately, few people want to hear about children whose feet have been stripped, their buckets have feces, and they have died of ashes instead of their lungs.” Written by a Twitter user After saying she fled the devastated city.

It’s been a long time to see directly what’s happening in Ukraine, and at some level people are probably tired of hearing about all the dead children.

But I think we have a duty to those who confront Putin on behalf of the whole world to stay focused on what is important there.

About the actual escalation. About war crimes. The city has wiped out the surface of the earth.

If you missed it in all Biden-straight-talk-drama Russian troops kidnapped hundreds of staff and sick patients From Mariupol Hospital on Saturday, according to the local government.

Soldiers found civilians evacuating from constant bombing in the basement of the building and snatched them “by force.” A sick person in need of urgent treatment. Probably somewhere in Russia, he was struck by a gun and taken away.

But yes, let’s just point out that Putin is a bad guy and keep arguing about the fallout over Biden.

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