This is when Amber Heard says Johnny Depp has become violent.

Photo by ELIZABETH FRANTZ / POOL / AFP via Getty Images

Photo by ELIZABETH FRANTZ / POOL / AFP via Getty Images

Three weeks in court after sitting quietly in the chilly Fairfax County, Virginia Johnny Depp And those closest to her ex-husband described her as an abusive manipulator. Amber Heard I stood on the stand on Wednesday and talked to her side.

“I’m here because my ex-husband is suing me in an editorial I wrote,” Heart, 36, told a Virginia jury trial that had to be resolved. A $ 50 million defamation proceeding filed by Depp against herAlso, address at least some of the counterclaims she has filed against him. “I’m having a hard time finding words to explain how painful this is.”

“It’s scary for me to sit here for weeks and relive everything,” she said immediately before adding. “This is certainly the most painful and difficult thing I have ever experienced.”

Depp in sunglasses was sitting right next to him when Hard began to testify. He refused to see his ex-wife and seems to have scribbled in his seat instead.

Testimony is that Depp has his career 2018 Washington post He calls himself a survivor of domestic violence. Heard denied her claim and did not appoint her ex-husband, but the editorial published two years after she sought a detention order from him was more general about her experience. Insisted that. She then argued against Depp for $ 100 million after at least one of his ex-lawyers suggested that her account was a “hoax.”

During the course of the trial, Depp’s legal team proved that Hard was not only an abuser of the couple’s short-lived union, which officially ended in 2017, but her editorial destroyed actor personnel and costs. Presented 29 witnesses to play for $ 40 million on acting occasions.

“It’s cruel to hear the voices of people I know,” Heard said Wednesday, emphasizing the difficulty of revisiting so many painful moments.

At the stand, Depp opposed the “evil and disturbing” allegations of abuse of Hard, and of shocking abuse on her part, including the infamous case of the actress throwing a bottle of vodka with amputated fingertips. I walked the jury through the allegations.

One issue with Depp: His version of the event about that brutal episode could have been undercut when he seemed to say he cut his finger in the audio played in court. I have.

Still, Depp and his team made great efforts to suggest that Hard had essentially canceled the innocent man he had abused and that an army of online fans had ridiculed her, but Hard. Direct testimony from gave her the opportunity to reset the story after she dismissed the PR team.

Her lawyer did not consider Hard, the first witness, to be a patient, but began offering a version of the event, along with an expert psychologist who analyzed her in preparation for the trial. Witnesses also regained a violent episode that Hard said Hard had kicked her during a bout of jealous anger at her work with James Franco.

Amber Heard’s Private Nurse: I saw an actress injured

The jury must determine if Heard acted with “real malice.” Position It means that the work (meaning she knew that the content was wrong), or that the actress “recklessly ignored” the truth and published the work. The actress did not mention Depp in her editorial, but she has long accused her ex-husband of abuse, including one case in which Depp allegedly threw a phone at her. Left her with a hurt face..

After explaining her childhood and the beginning of her acting career, what I heard on Wednesday told the jury how she met Depp at the 2008 audition. Lamb Diary..

“I wasn’t a fan of his work. I wasn’t a fan of him, but I knew who he was. He was one of the most famous in the world.” Hard said.

The actress said, “Attention, because the first conversation with Depp, who is twice as old as her, is” this world-famous actor, where we get along and talk about ambiguous books and old blues. ” Deserves. “

While in Puerto Rico for the movie, Hard said, she quickly felt that the professional line with Depp was “blurred.” Specifically, I remembered the moment when the actor allegedly lifted the back of the robe he wore in the boots scene.

“I looked back and laughed … [and he] I played around and pushed me down to this bed, the sofa. ” She celebrated her 23rd birthday on the set and she said she was still in a previous relationship. “Playful and frivolous,” he said, “Hmm.” And he lifted his eyebrows that way. “

I’ve heard that the couple didn’t “fall in love” until 2011, after which Lamb diary. Depp was still openly involved with the children’s mother, so he choked on the stand and explained the “magic” “whirlwind romance” even though Hard had to cover it up.

As their relationship progressed, she often had to visit Depp when traveling for a movie-and had him for dinner and waited for him to finish a long day. It was around this time that Depp started laughing on Wednesday. Haad discussed the actor’s claim that he couldn’t take off his boots during this period, saying, “If you want to take off your boots, he’s for sure.”

Eventually, Haad said Depp’s behavior began to deteriorate. He commented on her decision to audition for her clothes and her role — she said before he “escalated” and became aggressive and started throwing her things at her. rice field.

When Depp was alleged to have hit Hard for the first time, she said, “They are talking on the couch and having a normal conversation.”

“He was drinking and was unaware at the time … but I think he was using cocaine because he had a bottle of cocaine,” she recalled. She went on to argue that the questions asked about his tattoo eventually led Depp to slap her “across her face.”

“I was still staring at him and laughing. I thought he would start laughing and say it was a joke,” she said, adding that Depp called her a bitch and “struck me again.” rice field.

She didn’t react to Depp’s alleged conversion to violence, surprised what happened, “I realized that the worst had just happened to me … and I joked him. I was hoping that it was. “

I heard that Depp knelt on suspicion of an attack and began to cry.

“I didn’t want to make this a reality. I know you won’t come back from there. I know you can’t hit a woman. You can’t hit a man. Someone Don’t just hit. I knew it was wrong, and I knew I had to leave him and it broke my heart.

In 2015, the two married a year later, before divorcing. In November 2020, a London judge had “overwhelming evidence” that Depp had repeatedly hit her hard during her marriage, and she was “afraid of her own life.” I found that.

Depp previously denied all allegations of abuse at the stands, stating that he “has never attacked a woman” in his life. “My goal is true, because talking to people I’ve met over the years makes me think it’s a scam,” the actor said in his testimony.

The actor also explicitly described himself in court as a survivor of domestic violence. And the jury heard an audio recording where Hard acknowledged the escalation of the debate and even discussed hitting the actor.

Depp said that hard abuse includes one strange situation, including aggressive discussions that often become violent, the actress throwing his phone out the window, and the dung of a couple’s bed. Said.

“I’m the only one in my life who has ever been abused,” he said.

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