This kindergarten child showed a hysterical reaction to the teacher’s math tasks

A Pennsylvania mom laughed a lot when her daughter brought her recent project home from school.

Earlier this week, Tara asked her to refrain from her family name for privacy reasons, and after school she checked her daughter Izzy’s homework folder.

“When I got home from school with my twin sister and my homework folder and had a lot of trouble keeping my face straight, I check her homework folder,” said the three mothers. Today’s parents..

Inside the Izzy folder was a worksheet that the kindergarten children completed at school.

“The challenge was to investigate high school students and ask if they could practice tally marks and counting,” Tara said.

On a line of paper, a 6-year-old kid was practicing speaking to encourage high school students to ask poll questions.

Do you like peanuts? Everyone said so.  (Courtesy: Tara)

Do you like peanuts? Everyone said so. (Courtesy: Tara)

Her teacher was spending time fixing innocent misspellings.

“She was very excited because a high school student visited her to ask a survey question,” Tara explained, adding that there were no additional notes in her daughter’s folder. “When I saw her teacher correct her misspelling to the correct one, I thought there had to be something.”

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The next day, Tara opened an email.

“The teacher wrote to me,” Hello! This afternoon we were learning how to write survey questions in math. I laughed out loud from Isabel’s questions and the writings of the wonderful kids! Hope it brings laughter to your night too!'”Shared by Tara.

For Izzy’s project, she correctly identified seven high school students as peanut lovers.

“If anyone can use it, we are now looking for a spelling tutor,” Tara joked.