This map shows the widespread claims of rebels against Ukraine that Putin just threw his weight behind.

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On Tuesday, January 18, 2022, a convoy of Russian armored vehicles will move along the highways of the Crimean Peninsula.Associated Press

  • Russia has announced that it will send troops to parts of eastern Ukraine controlled by separatists.

  • This week Russia recognized the separatist territory as two independent nations.

  • The map below details what that perception means for Ukraine’s territorial integrity.

US President Joe Biden said last week, “Sure“Russia is planning an invasion of Ukraine, and the attack could extend to the capital Kiev.

A few days later, Russian President Vladimir Putin Announced His government will recognize two separatist regions of Ukraine held by rebels that have been supported by Moscow since 2014.

“I think we need to make a decision that should have been made long ago in order to immediately recognize the independence and sovereignty of the Donetsk and Luhansk peoples,” Putin said on Monday.

Putin also formally approved the deployment of Russian troops in eastern Ukraine. The steps said by the Biden administration said it would constitute the beginning of a feared aggression since Moscow began deploying troops together along the borders of neighboring countries.



It is unclear whether Russia intends to further occupy Ukraine after the annexation of Crimea eight years ago, pursue a full regime change in Kiev, or how far Russia will go.

Kremlin spokesman at a press conference on Tuesday Dmitry Peskov I told reporters Russia will admit two detached “republics” within the “borders they proclaimed.”

Peskov refused to elaborate on what that means from a border perspective: the separatist-owned region, or the separatist-claimed region as a whole. As the map above shows in detail, the areas claimed by Russian-backed separatists are larger than the areas currently owned by separatists.

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