This small Pennsylvania city ranked best in the United States, according to new survey


A city in Pennsylvania has been voted the best city in America.

Lancaster is Ranked #1 Small City by WalletHub Report Released on Tuesday. The personal finance site compared his 1,300+ cities with populations between 25,000 and 100,000 using 43 metrics across five categories. economic health; education and health; quality of life; and safety.

Lancaster finished in the 99th percentile, representing the top 1% of cities in the report. The city reportedly had the lowest crime rate with a total score of 71.04.

Meanwhile, State College remained in the 77th percentile with a score of 62.75. The borough, along with several other college towns, has one of the highest percentages of the poor population of any location in the report.

WalletHub gathered data for the report from multiple sources, including the US Census Bureau, Federal Bureau of Investigation, TripAdvisor, county health rankings, and Yelp.

The top 10 cities are:

  1. Lancaster, Pen.

  2. Carmel, Indiana

  3. fairlawn, new jersey

  4. Lexington, Massachusetts

  5. Brentwood, Tennessee.

  6. Melrose, Massachusetts

  7. Zionsville, Indiana

  8. needham, massachusetts

  9. Portland, Maine

  10. Westfield, Indiana

Among the factors that ranked under the affordability umbrella were median household income, cost of living, and homeownership rates.

Economic health focused on topics such as population growth, job growth, unemployment and median credit scores.

Education and health included factors such as high school graduation rate, percentage of population fully vaccinated against COVID-19, percentage of obese adults, and percentage of insured population.

Quality of life includes metrics such as average commute time, number of attractions, and average work week.

Under the safety category, we included violent crime weights, property crime rates, and motor vehicle fatalities per capita.

sauce: wallet hub

Experts interviewed by WalletHub said the most important financial factor to consider when choosing a place to live is the cost of housing.

“It’s an opportunity to find affordable housing for families,” said Protip Biswas, vice president of homelessness for United Way in Greater Atlanta and adjunct lecturer in the School of Urban and Regional Planning at Georgia Tech. “Most people dream of large homes and large properties, but what makes the place more accessible for a large portion of the population is the availability of apartments and small homes.”

What factors combine to create the best small cities? It’s likely Elizabeth, associate professor in the Department of Urban and Regional Planning at the University of Pennsylvania and director of the Master’s Program in Urban Spatial Analysis. Delmel said.

“This will vary for retirees, college graduates, families, and preferences. It’s impossible to generalize,” Delmelle said. “But quality schools are usually a unanimously good indicator. It holds the value of housing.”