This Twitter-suspended crypto developer blockchain social network claims to handle Elon Musk’s concerns

Bloomberg reports that Finnish cryptocurrency developer Stani Kulechov has built the Lens Protocol, a blockchain-based social network, to make it accessible to everyone.

Each piece of content is associated with a non-fungible token, giving the author ownership of the post.

Twitter, Inc. recently suspended Kulechov’s account following a joke that a social media company chose him as Twitter’s interim CEO.

The lens protocol can handle multiple issues that Elon Musk was worried about, Klechov said.

He said blockchain-based tools could help identify, prevent spam, and present open systems.

“Open sourcing comes with a public blockchain by default,” says Kulechov.

Kulechov recognizes the potential of social gaming and music sharing until it is added to the Lens Protocol and will continue to develop on the platform.

Kulechov was worried about attracting enough users from established platforms and the recent crash of TerraUSD Stablecoin.

Kulechov is the founder and CEO of London-based startup Aave.

Anusya Rahiri

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