This week is another opportunity for Australia to take another path to Delta abroad: NSW Premier


New South Wales has reported 415 new cases of COVID-19 acquired locally, killing four more as the entire state continues to be blocked. Two cases overseas were also recorded.

At least 66 of them circulated in the community for all or part of the infection period, and 273 were under investigation.

Premier of New South Wales, Gladys Berejikrian, warned that he didn’t want to see the state follow the path faced by many places abroad where vaccination rates are much higher.

“Our opportunity is to take a step forward to Australia that is different from what is happening elsewhere,” said Premier. “That’s why we take this seriously, let people know that we will protect ourselves and your loved ones, and really plead for our freedom to move forward. We want to move our freedom forward. If so, do the right thing. I’m at home.

“The future is in our hands. We have the option of doing the right thing. We have the option of being vaccinated according to the rules, and the combination of following the rules and being vaccinated is It helps us reach the place we want within the time frame we want to achieve it.

“But the risk is that if too many people do the wrong thing, the trajectory that New South Wales and Australia will follow happens abroad, with thousands of cases every day and so many deaths. That’s what we do. We don’t want to see it happen … that’s why we’re asking everyone to do what they’re looking for. I know it’s difficult, but literally Everything is together. “

All of New South Wales went into a seven-day blockade on Saturday evening, fines of up to A $ 5,000 were announced for violating health orders, and police handed more power to enforce the regulation.

Dr. Kelly Chant, Chief Health Officer of NSW, said 62 people are currently in the ICU.

“I personally don’t want to see the number of deaths and hospitalizations increase, and we all need to act urgently and comply, and there is no complacency to some extent … [to the public health orders], “She said.

She said that both increasing vaccination and staying home to reduce infection are important for controlling the outbreak of deltas.

“There is no silver bullet. Vaccination is a tool, not a silver bullet,” she said. “And vaccination alone is not enough to get out of this situation.

“We need to follow public health orders and my message to everyone. In the next few weeks, double our efforts, reduce the number of those cases and stay home. “

She continued. “It takes about a couple of weeks after vaccination to be effective. But vaccination is part of the solution. If a person is vaccinated, especially if they have been vaccinated twice. If you are, you are less likely to get sick, so you are less likely to infect others, and you are less likely to need hospital care or hospitalization for intensive care. “

She thanked the majority of the community doing the right thing to comply with health orders and all those involved in the “increasing number of cases” behind-the-scenes work.

“And you can look abroad and see how the Delta spreads, so the fact that we hold the numbers at the level we have is a lot behind the scenes. It’s work. But we need the community to be with us, and as I say, I can’t explain my level of concern without pushing down on these cases. “

“Everyone has a role to play, which cannot be solved by the government alone,” she added.

New South Wales Deputy Prime Minister John Barilaro urged rural residents of New South Wales to comply with the blockade rules for the best opportunity to get over the virus quickly.

“We’ve already seen what we’ve done in Orange. An early, sharp and hard blockade means we’ve seen freedom return to the region’s New South Wales even sooner.

“In reality, if you do the right thing in the last seven days, the blockade in the area will be short and sharp, but it will help protect the community in the future,” he said.

New South Wales Police Force said Monday that it will do its utmost to implement compliance in affected local governments.

Approximately 800 ADF personnel will also be on the street.

The blockage was announced after increasing numbers in the area and finding fragments of the virus in the sewers where there were no known cases.

Police Minister David Elliott says all New South Wales officers are now forced to ensure blockade compliance.

“From Tweed Heads to Albury,” he told Nine Network.

The Australian Medical Association said the health system was out of control of the increase in COVID-19 cases and called for a blockade of the entire state of New South Wales.

“Our already vulnerable local and regional health systems cannot cope with the increase in cases,” AMANSW President Daniel McMullen said in a statement.

Greater Sydney has also become more restrictive starting next week, limiting exercise to 5 km from home and in some areas down from 10 km.

Beregikrian also announced that people in Greater Sydney need permission to travel to the region’s New South Wales, and singles need to register their “single”.

In newly closed areas, people have to leave their homes only for essential reasons.

Everyone should always carry a mask. Visitors are not allowed to enter the home except for the caregiver’s responsibility or compassionate reason, and the person involved.

Deputy Prime Minister John Barilaro said he hoped that the blockade of the region’s New South Wales would not last for more than seven days.

Meanwhile, the federal government has announced that rapid antigen testing will be phased in at residential geriatric care facilities throughout Greater Sydney.

This guarantees more regular resident and visitor testing.

“Given the speed at which we know that delta variants can spread among people, RAT’s very fast turnaround (about 15 minutes) allows these tests to be used on a daily basis. , Helps prevent asymptomatic infections and outbreaks, “said Minister Health Greg Hunt.

Berejiklian previously targeted 6 million vaccinations by the end of the month. To date, over 5 million jabs have been administered in New South Wales.

Queensland did not record new local COVID-19 cases on Sunday, but ACT recorded two more new cases, for a total of nine.

The Epoch Times contributed to this report.