Thomas Massey denounces Washington’s $100 billion aid to Ukraine

Rep. Thomas Massey (R-Kentucky) criticized lawmakers for authorizing billions of dollars in aid to Ukraine that could have been better spent in the interests of Americans.

President Joe Biden signed into law a $1.7 trillion spending omnibus bill on Dec. 29 aimed at keeping the government running until the end of the fiscal year in September 2023. This $45 billion makes him more than $110 billion in total American taxpayer funds that Congress has authorized for Ukraine.

“$100 billion for Ukraine. Tweet“What could your legislators do with $200 million for your district? How long will your district’s children continue to pay interest on this debt?”

A Breitbart analysis shows that the U.S. government, which has fined Ukraine billions of dollars, built seven 450-mile-long walls along the U.S. border, or covered the entire border roughly 2,000 miles2. A nearby wall could have been built.

On Dec. 21, Biden announced that Washington was sending $1.8 billion in additional military aid to Ukraine, including Patriot air defense systems.

Importance of U.S. Weapons

In an interview with Finnish broadcaster Yle, Markku Salomaa, an adjunct professor of European military history, said the US arms supply was “critical” to Ukraine’s survival.

Without American weapons, Ukraine would “no longer exist.” Because it is modern Western weaponry that has pushed Russia back on multiple fronts.

“One example is the HIMARS rocket launcher that Ukrainians destroyed Russian supply lines. Another example is various anti-tank weapons, tens of thousands of which were delivered to Ukraine from the West,” said the security policy researcher. said Mikko Rakkolainen of

Rakkolainen also expressed concern that weapons of war might end up being sold on the black market.

As far back as May, there were reports that Ukrainian military weapons were being sold to international buyers through the Telegram messaging app. This also included certain US-made hardware.

The Western arms supply to Ukraine has proven vital to the country in preventing a Russian invasion, but many doubt it will be enough to defeat Moscow’s military might. I haven’t seen it. At best, supply may just maintain a less-than-ideal status quo.

war enters 2023

As the Ukrainian-Russian war enters its second year, Michael Clarke, deputy director of the Institute for Strategic Studies in Exeter, UK, sees the winter and spring seasons as key.

“Whoever seeks to invade another country anywhere in the Eurasian steppes will end up wintering there,” he said. Said In an interview with the BBC.

“Napoleon, Hitler and Stalin all had to keep their armies moving in the face of the prairie winter. And now his invasion is retreating on the ground. Spring.”

Clark believes Ukrainians are more motivated and ready to continue. Putin has already revealed that 50,000 troops have been newly mobilized to the front and another group of 250,000 newly mobilized are training for 2023.

Washington-based scientist and analyst Andrei Pionkovsky believes Ukraine could restore full territorial integrity by next spring.

Naveen Aslapury

Naveen Athrappully is a news reporter covering business and world events for The Epoch Times.