Thompson-Hella leads the Jamaican clean sweep in the 100-meter medal


Tokyo — Jamaica’s Elaine Thompson Hera held the 100-meter title in 10.61 seconds on Saturday as she broke the Olympic record and became the second fastest woman in history.

Double Olympic champion Shelly-Ann Fraser Price won the silver medal, and fellow countryman Shericka Jackson won the bronze medal.

What they said

Elaine Thompson-Hella

About her celebration

“I don’t know (what I said), I don’t remember … I think I could have gone faster if I hadn’t pointed and celebrated early. I wanted to show that there’s more. So I hope I can unleash it someday. “

Shelly-Ann Fraser Price

About silver acquisition

“Of course you’re disappointed. The only purpose for athletes to line up is to always win, but that didn’t happen tonight. I was able to win the finals and be on the podium at the fourth Olympics. I am still grateful for that. “

About women’s sprinting

“I’m really excited that women’s sprints are taking another level. That’s really amazing.

“It speaks to the depth we have with respect to women, and you must always be ready to appear, so I had the gift God gave me on display tonight. And even if that happens, I’m still excited to leave with another medal. “

About whether these were her last Olympics

“Yes,” she laughed.

Sherika Jackson

About acquisition of bronze

“It feels great just to be here. I came here to do my best. The best was enough. I personally won the best and won the medals. I can’t complain … just focus. I wanted to do it as much as I could, but I think I did it. I won a medal. I can’t complain. “

About Jamaican Clean Sweep

“It’s a special thing and I’m happy to be in Part 1–2–3. It’s my first time to run 100m in a major championship and I won a medal.”

About Jamaican Celebration

“I know now that the celebration is crazy. And I got 1–2–3 and did my best. I did my best, 1–2–3 was enough. “

About winning medals at Tokyo 2020

“I think last year was my biggest blessing. I was really, really, happy when the Olympics were postponed, because I had two stress fractures after a great 2019 … 2020 I had a hard time. I came here and participated in the 2021 Olympics and won the bronze medal. I am very grateful. “