Those under the age of 65 should be vaccinated differently from AstraZeneca on the second vaccination

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Biden says he is praying for a “correct verdict” at the Chauvin trial, claiming that “the evidence is overwhelming.”

Joe Biden said on Tuesday that he was “praying” that the verdict in Derek Chauvin’s trial was a “correct verdict,” suggesting that the evidence of Chauvin’s guilt was “overwhelming.” “I hope the verdict is correct. The evidence is overwhelming in my view,” he told reporters. Chauvin has been charged with two and three murders, as well as manslaughter. Biden did not identify the charges he believed Chauvin was guilty of. Biden reportedly called Floyd’s family on Monday after the jury entered the deliberative room. “I can only imagine the pressure and anxiety they are feeling, so I waited until the jury was quarantined and called,” he told reporters on Tuesday. “They are a good family,” Biden continued. Biden’s call coincided with the day when closing arguments were held in court. White House spokesman Jen Psaki confirmed that there was a call. At a White House press conference on Tuesday, Pusaki said Biden’s “I hope the verdict is correct” comment in the Oval Office was not intended to affect the jury. .. “You wouldn’t think he puts that emphasis on the verdict …” said Pusaki. George Floyd’s brother, Philonis, said of Biden’s phone: He knows what it means to lose a family. And because he knows what we are experiencing, he let us know that he is praying for us and hoped that everything would work. Biden is the second major elected official to comment on Chauvin’s court proceedings this week. After Maxine Waters’ sedition in a protest near the Brooklyn Center, Minnesota, a call to Biden’s Floyd family and words to reporters came. Attorneys at the trial argued that Waters’ comments were detrimental to the jury and constitute the reason for the suspicion. The judge subsequently dismissed the defense’s allegations of illegal trials. Waters visited the Brooklyn Center after a 20-year-old black man, Dantelite, was shot deadly by police officers. Biden begged to calm down in the aftermath of Wright’s death. Authorities are reportedly prepared for anxiety and potential violence until a trial decision is reached.