Thousands Apply for Pfizer Vaccine in New South Wales

Premier Gladys Beresikirian of New South Wales (NSW) said thousands of Australians were pleased to enroll in the state’s Pfizer CCP virus vaccination rollout.

Approximately 110,000 people between the ages of 40 and 49 were interested in receiving the Pfizer vaccine, Beregicillian. Said On Monday, 9,000 are already booked.

β€œI would like to thank the community for their enthusiasm and patience. I couldn’t be more satisfied,” she said.

Premier wants at least 80% (at least 5 million) of adults in New South Wales to be fully vaccinated before considering opening the border. She said the state is losing $ 1.5 billion a month due to a shortage of international travelers. According to the premiere, New South Wales has received one million COVID-19 vaccinations so far.

“But if most of our population is vaccinated, we can start thinking about them. Living safely with COVID and resuming contact with other parts of the world. You can start thinking about what to do, “she said.

New South Wales Health Minister Brad Hazard said in response to Beresikirian that at some point the world would have access to Australia, and New South Wales residents need to be prepared for it.

β€œIt is each of us responsible to take a step forward and vaccinate,” said Hazard. “It’s the only weapon we have to fight this virus, and I recommend being shot by everyone in New South Wales.”

These comments are in the midst of a push by some health bureaucrats, some politicians, and some business leaders to prepare Australians to live with the virus once they are fully vaccinated. There is.

However, vaccine hesitation remains a continuing problem for many who are concerned about rare cases of blood clots resulting from injections of AstraZeneca.

May 13, Therapeutic Goods Department (TGA) OK There were 7 additional cases of thrombosis evaluated as thrombosis with thrombocytopenia syndrome (TTS), which is likely to be associated with the AstraZeneca vaccine.

This brings the total number of cases evaluated as TTS after AstraZeneca vaccination to 18, which is approximately 1.8 million doses.

Of the 18 cases, 10 of TTS recovered after AstraZeneca vaccination and 1 died, according to the TGA.

Karen Price, President of the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners, said patients over the age of 50 also regularly hesitate to vaccinate. report on Tuesday.

“Some people are firmly determined that they are going to wait. I pull out my infographic, but they are categorically waiting to wait. Unfortunately, they have a good vaccine. I have the idea that there is, “says Price.

“Talking about statistics that blood clots are very rare does not change the minds of some people because they are afraid to own them.”

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