Thousands arrested in Russian cities in protest of Ukrainian invasion

On Sunday, 2,636 protesters were detained in 51 Russian cities for protesting President Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine. The outflow of Russian citizens condemning the government’s war against neighboring countries has continued since February 24.

During the February 27 summarization, police detained 1,223 dissidents in Moscow and at least 976 in St. Petersburg, according to an independent human rights group. OVD-Information..

Since February 24, more than 5,949 Russian citizens have been arrested for demonstrating against the invasion of Ukraine.

Local activist Marina Litvinoich gave a passionate speech on Facebook on the night of February 24, calling on her fellow Russian citizens to unite in protest. “Now we know that many are desperate, helpless and shameful about Vladimir Putin’s attack on his friend Ukraine … we Russians are against the war that Putin has unleashed. We do not endorse this war, it is done not for us. “

Russian authorities swiftly detained Litobinovich. Police caught her outside her home shortly after posting on social media.

Moscow police reportedly confiscated mobile phones from detainees, effectively preventing abuse records and lawyer calls. Law enforcement officers in two departments, Severnoe Medvedkovo and Krylatskoye, threatened civil disobedience and more severe punishment for demonstrators who refused to give up the phone.

The national protest followed the cry of the Litvinoich rally followed by a series of posts on social media. Demands for peace demonstrators spread within hours of Putin’s armed air, land and sea attacks on Ukraine. Last week’s aggression Biggest attack From one European state to another since the end of World War II.

Russia’s bombardment of Ukraine has been regarded as the most aggressive action of Eurasian countries since the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan in 1979.

What Putin called a “special military operation” escalated into a full-scale war over Russia’s support for the separatist republics of Luhansk and Donetsk in the Donbas region of eastern Ukraine in less than a week.

Russian celebrities in the arts and entertainment industry have also joined the boycott of Putin’s invasion.St. Petersburg-born rapper Oxxxymiron, considered one of Russia’s most influential music artists, expressed his opposition to the war in Ukraine in a video posted to him. Instagram page Last Thursday.

“I know most Russians are against this war. As more people start talking about their true opinions about this war, we stop this nightmare sooner. I believe we can, “said the 37-year-old rapper.

Oxxxymiron was notorious in 2019 for organizing a rebel Get Jailed for a Text protest.

Elena Kovalskaya, director of the Russian National Theater, announced her resignation on social media on February 24, in protest of Putin’s attack.

“It’s impossible to work for a murderer [Putin] And you get paid from him, “said Kovalskaya.

Autumn Spredemann


Autumn is a South American-based reporter who focuses primarily on Latin American issues in the Epoch Times.