Thousands flee to Thailand after air strikes on Burmese villages: activist group, media

Approximately 3,000 villagers from Kayin State in southeastern Burma (also known as Myanmar) were sent to Thailand on Sunday after a military air raid on an area owned by a nationally armed group, according to activist groups and local media. I ran away.

According to the Karen Women’s Organization, Burmese troops have launched air strikes, including refugee camps, in five areas of the Mutlau district near the border.

“Currently, more than 3,000 people have traveled to Thailand to evacuate, so the villagers are hiding in the jungle,” the group said in a statement.

PBS in Thailand reported that about 3,000 people had arrived in Thailand.

Thai authorities did not immediately respond to the request for comment.

Burmese Civil War
Obtained from social media Burma on March 27, 2021, this photo shows an ethnic Karen villager exiled from Myanmar’s Nipuno village after escaping a Burmese military airstrike in an unknown location in Karen. .. (Via free Burmese Ranger / Reuters))

David Eubank, founder of the relief organization Freeville Marangers, said at least two soldiers had been killed from the Karen National Union.

“We haven’t bombed there for over 20 years,” Eubank said. “Secondly, since these were nights, Burmese military capacity increased with the help of Russia, China and other countries, and it is deadly.”

At least three civilians were killed in a KNU-controlled village in a military air raid on Saturday, according to civil society groups. The militia had previously said it had taken control of a military garrison near the border and killed 10 people.

Air raids have been the most serious attacks in the region for many years. KNU signed a ceasefire agreement in 2015, but tensions increased after the military overthrew Aung San Suu Kyi’s civilian government on February 1.

The Shan State Restoration Council, which is based on the Thai border as well as KNU, has condemned the acquisition and announced support for public resistance.

KNU says it is protecting hundreds of people who have fled central Burma during the heightened violence of the last few weeks.

Poppy Elena McPherson