Thousands gather on Parliamentary Hill in protest of tracker convoy in Ottawa for a week

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Ottawa — Thousands of protesters have reunited in the Canadian capital to protest the obligations and restrictions of COVID-19.

The truck convoy protest included farmers who took their farm vehicle convoy to Ottawa to participate in the February 5 protest.

The protests first began as a demonstration against the federal government’s obligation to require cross-border truck drivers to be vaccinated with COVID-19. Since then, it has evolved into a major movement against all COVID-19 restrictions and obligations.

The first convoy left the west coast on January 23 for Ottawa, where a major protest took place in the capital on January 29. Many protesters have said they will stay in Ottawa until the government lifts the COVID-19 order.

The number of opponents has declined since last weekend, but many opponents have joined this weekend as well.

Several other large-scale protests against COVID-19’s obligations are being held today in state capitals across the country.

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Limin Zhou


Limin Zhou is an Ottawa-based reporter.