Thousands of Canadian truck drivers strike over vaccine obligations

Following the Public Health Agency of Canada announcement Foreign truck drivers can only enter Canada if they are fully vaccinated from January 15th, and the US Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) will provide non-US domestic truck drivers across the United States. We announced similar requirements from January 22nd. Protesting vaccination obligations, striking and threatening to “strategicly” paralyze multiple roads.

Canadian truck drivers have decided to work with relevant citizens across the country to take action and plan to drive towards the Canadian Parliament with the intention of “closing.”[ing] According to Patty Ezery, one of the top organizers of the protest, they will go down the country until they dissolve the parliament and call for elections. “

US truck drivers began organizing their own resistance on Tuesday. The Epoch Times follows the story and reports on its development.

Ezery is the business owner of Nova Scotia and the founder of Atlantic Freedom Fighters.

“Through this pandemic, I have seen the government slowly destroy our economy, our mental health, and the future stability of our country,” Ezery told The Epoch Times.

“Obliging them to continue to impose illegally on people has caused far more damage than the pandemic itself. The Canadian government has hatred those who have decided to take advantage of the right to say no to vaccines. Through instigating media, we continue to use phrases and words for Canadians. As a result, hate climbs for unvaccinated people are beginning to occur. When we are our leaders doing that. What do we do to stop this? The Canadian people had enough. At first we were happy, but seeing where self-satisfaction led us. Please. Now is the time for us to stand up and protect what our country represents: freedom. We are “true north, strong, freedom” and the Canadians are ready to protect it. it’s finished.

“”[A U.S. organizer] “The nation will unite for freedom,” Ezelie said, unable to hold her feelings, as Canada and the United States work together to help each other. “By doing this, we hope that other countries will take the lead and participate in each other.

“Thousands of vehicles”, truck drivers and regular vehicles will be transported from “every corner of the country” to the capital from January 23, and state or provincial protesters will be identified to arrive in the capital in January. Depart at the time of. .28. According to Ezery, there are already at least 2,000 trucks that started driving to Ottawa before the specified start date.

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On September 12, 2001, truck drivers using Pacific Highway Crossing in Sally, British Columbia will face up to five hours of waiting due to enhanced security checks at all border crossings. (CanadianPress / Richard Lam)

“They leave their state in the convoy on certain days from the 23rd to the 28th. All convoys from all over the country arrive in our capital on the same day, which is the 28th, and then we Is strategically planned to rest, “said Ezery.

“On the 29th, we pulled into the Capitol from various directions, the Parliament, the Capitol, [and] The entire city has been closed. And while this is happening on the 29th, when Ottawa is closed, the rest of the Canadians will play their part and begin closing all states or borders. “

The Epoch Times has contacted other leaders of Canadian protesters.

“Today we have one of the most important battles and responsibilities in recent history: human rights, freedom of choice, freedom of speech, expression, opinion, and uncensored discussions. That’s what truck driver Martin Brodmann said. Born in Nova Scotia, President of Truckers United Inc.

“There is a rapid shortage of time. Let’s not waste the few seconds we have left to make a difference, not only for veterans, but for future generations. We only do what we do. Instead, we must trust and give guidance, so no matter who has any beliefs, we must trust and unite in faith.

“Faith is also free to choose,” Brodmann added.

Pat King, Alberta is currently an occupational health and safety expert. He was a dispatched supervisor for five years and had been driving a truck for 15 years.

“We can no longer live this way, and as a father, I need to play my part in protecting the future of my children and future generations,” King said. Told.

Ryan Michlevich, a 25-year-old truck driver from Saskatchewan, said: It’s time for the Canadians to give back. Governments need to be aware that they work for people. Not the other way around. “

Another top organizer, Tamara Lich, has been working in the oil and gas industry for 23 years.

“Our rights and freedoms have been deprived of us again. After many years of people are constantly divided by our government, we stand up and demand that our laws be properly followed. The time has come. The government continues to find loopholes to justify their abuse, and no more will be tolerated, “Rich said.

According to Ezery, there is also a “ton” of trucks coming from Quebec.

On January 11, Quebec’s Prime Minister Fran├žois Gargot announced his intention to impose a new “health contribution” tax on unvaccinated people in the coming weeks. He did not specify the amount to be collected, but said it was “important”.

Joanie Pelchat is Quebec’s top organizer, a veteran medical software expert.

“It’s time to get up. It’s time to act. It’s time to make changes. We’re downhill and we need to change. This government overkill needs to end. I need to end. We are doing this for the future of our daughter and the future of Canada, “Pelchat said.

Lee Harding contributed to this report.

Enrico Trigoso


Enrico Trigoso is an Epoch Times reporter focused on the New York area.