Thousands of Haitians reportedly arrived in Texas on Mexican Independence Day.

Haiti immigrants on the southern border

Haiti immigrants on the southern border Jordan Fondahar / Getty Images

President Biden is enthusiastic about how his administration will handle the approximately 15,000 Haitians who gathered on the US-Mexico border in Del Rio, Texas earlier this month.Homeland Security is flying hundreds of Haitians Return to their chaotic hometown, Most of them appear to have traveled from long South American settlements to the US border, and Release hundreds more Ordered to appear in front of an immigration judge to the United States.

“It seems subjective in terms of who will be released to the country and who will be expelled,” he said. To tell PoliticoJack Elera, Spent a few days in Del Rio to report on the “radical” situation. “Border guard agents are making decisions on the ground. It’s not a clear chain of command. When that happens, a strange combination of deterrence and random mercy arises.” He said, Del Rio and Mexico. “It’s still a zoo,” he said, adding that there seem to be about 5,000 people left in the temporary camp under the bridge between Ciudad Akunya.

But why so many immigrants, mostly Haitians Appeared at the Aknya Border Crossing All at once. That day, September 16th, seems to be important.

“Interviews with Haiti immigrants and lawyers who interviewed many of these people seem to have been mixed rumors that people were allowed to cross the Del Rio border.” Herrera said PoliticoNightly Newsletter “The reason everyone arrived on the same day is that they actually arrived on Mexico’s Independence Day. Immigrants are concerned during the Independence Day celebration as Mexican immigrant authorities are cracking down on movement across the region. I thought it would be scattered. It will be easier to travel. “

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