Thousands of people gather in the Czech capital to protest the COVID-19 limit

Thousands of people gathered in the Czech capital over the weekend to participate in protests against compulsory COVID-19 vaccination and other restrictions on unvaccinated individuals.

According to the organizers of the rally, more than 6,000 activists gathered at Wenceslas Square in Prague on January 30 and demanded that the authorities listen to the call of the citizens.

“The nation should listen to people’s demands. Arrangements and restrictions lead us on the path to hell,” said Zuzana Bosabois, who hit the drums through protests.

of Footage From the rally, you can see a large number of protesters marching towards the most pedestrianized squares in the country, waving flags and chanting slogans.

Protesters primarily opposed stricter restrictions on unvaccinated people, including a ban on eating in restaurants, and called for government COVID-19 policy discrimination against those who chose not to be vaccinated. .. CCP (Chinese Communist Party) virus, Causes the disease COVID-19.

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Demonstrators wave their flags during a protest against the Czech government’s COVID-19 restrictions in Prague, Czech Republic, on January 30, 2022. (Jiri Skacel / Reuters)

Those who want to dine at a Czech restaurant are now required to present a vaccination passport or a recent negative test. The same rules apply to many other hospitality facilities in the country, such as museums and nightclubs.

From January 26th to 54th and 689th, health officials reported that 10.7 million countries had the highest number of CCP virus cases, while other recent numbers were epidemics about two years ago. It has been ranked as the highest since its inception.

Despite the increase in cases, the government last week abolished legislation requiring key professionals and people over the age of 60 to be vaccinated against COVID-19 in order to avoid “deepening cracks” in society.

The coalition of Prime Minister Petrfiara has also begun compulsory testing of corporate employees, while reducing quarantine and quarantine times in preparation for the Omicron variant.

Hospitalizations were 1,989 as of January 29, well below the approximately 7,000 reported at the previous peak at the turn of November and December last year.

In December, a similar protest broke out in the Czech capital, triggered by a government decree requiring seniors and employees in certain sectors to take COVID-19 shots. After gathering at Wenceslas Square that day, about 4,000 people went to the streets of Prague.

Reuters contributed to this report.

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